12-8-09 Tuesday (New Old Stuff)

image Jim is excellent for detail planning.  He’s got the awning guy coming out to fix the drippyness.  He’s got some other guy coming to change the MoHo oil, differential and transmission fluids.  The moving truck trailers are coordinated.  Appointments to see some rental properties are already coordinated in North Carolina.  Woo-hoo, it’s a whirlwind.  Grab Toto for the ride.

We took Dasher for his Lyme Disease shot today.  A new canine flu vaccination is available so we had that too.  He’ll need a booster shot in a few weeks.  They just have to stop with all these vaccinations.  I mean really, we haven’t even been vaccinated against the flu.

IMG_0004 IMG_0003

After dropping Dasher off back home we went to Friday’s for lunch.  Mmmmmm but fattening - fattening with a coupon!  Jim dropped me off at my mother’s while he went shopping.  Today was actually the day I told my mom about our plans.  Jim went shopping at Goodwill.  Every Tuesday during December is fill a bag for $5.00.  Jim managed to get us 8 pairs of khaki pants and 10 shirts/sweaters.  $10 + tax.   Awesome deal.

By the way, next door to Friday’s is a Bed, Bath & Beyond.  A clearance rack near the door lured us in like wigs for Alix.  Thanksgiving stuff.  Nah.  Jim decided to use the restroom while we were there because he didn’t have to pee 2 minutes ago when we were in Friday’s.  Ugh.  I spotted this while waiting for him:


Maybe it works.  Maybe it doesn’t.  It just sounds ridiculous. 

I’ve gotten some of the “new” clothes washed for the trip.  We don’t really need them for the trip but some “new” stuff will be nice.  The weather in Charlotte right now?  Here:


Brrrrrrrrrrr.  I’m already feeling chilled.


  1. A clearance rack near the door lured us in like wigs for Alix.

    Very fucking funny. Pretty soon you're not going to have me to kick around any more. Oh yeah, you will. I forgot. This is the internet. You can kick me from North Carolina.

    PS: I WANT that neckline slimmer for Christmas. Pretty please?

  2. To hell with the neck line slimmer. Have you looked down lately?

    Upper Mid-west Forecast Details:
    Mostly cloudy and windy. Snow amounts up to 8". Very cold. Wind chills may approach -20F. High 4F. Winds NW at 25 to 35 mph. will cause drifting and blowing snow. Chance of snow tomorrow 30%.

    This is my weather forcast!

    And you feel a chill just going a little further north?

    I look forward to the further adventures of Jim & Garret as you search for a new home. Glad to hear that this job came through and the location should be a wonderful place to live.

  4. Thanks Catsy.... let the adventures begin!

  5. Damn good organization Jim. Laurie and Pearl would roll into town at 10:45 January 10th and arrive at work amid chaos the next day. You rock.

  6. Great photo of Dasher!

    Thanks guys for commenting on my posts, etc. I'm not as great at doing so but I read yours every day.

    Best of luck on your new adventure!


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