12-14-09 Monday (Fogged Eyes)

Yesterday we dropped off our rental application to the management company.  We used the night drop slot, enclosed an application along with $30.  They received it this morning but of course need us to come in and provide picture ID’s and another $30.  $30 each applicant.  We explained our hurry to Cindy.  She said 1-5 days was the best she could do.  They have others to process as well.  She would try to speed it up.  We walked away feeling screwed – and not in a good way.

It’s OK, I’m accepting that all of this may not be wrapped up in time but we have other options.  Mark & Tom graciously offered a parking spot for the BMW.  Problem solved.

image Lunch time was almost amusing.  We had a coupon for Chuck E. Cheese’s.  We went inside, stood at the counter trying to decide what to get.  Jim has been to one many years ago, me – never.  We thought we’d eat and play video games.  I scoped out the video game area and saw that the games very very child-like with an occasional adult game like “Deal or no Deal”.  Yes, I’m aware there’s a lot of kid’s games because it’s all geared for children.  Whatever.  It was almost tragic.

We opted for the Mexican restaurant we ate at the other day.  Yum.

Dinner was at Friday’s.  I’m ashamed to tell you what I ate so I’ll let you imagine.  Hey you, keep the piggy snortin’ sounds to yourself.  It’s rude.

We were going to see a movie at the cheap seats theater but we missed an earlier showing and I didn’t want to kill 1.5 hours waiting for the next showing.  Maybe another time.

image Today’s weather sucks ass.  It’s been 100% foggy ALL day long.  Even with all the misty fog, we decided to go uptown, park and see the Christmas decor at the various plazas.  Our house will be 15 minutes away from uptown.  I’m so excited.  It’s definitely not the biggest city we’ve been too but it’s way cool.  We found a parking spot and walked around.  Cool plazas, hip restaurants, and lots to look at.  The outdoor photos came out bad due to weather and darkness.  We went into various malls and such and took pictures of their displays as well.  Oh and the little icon above is the symbol for fog on my Google homepage.  It’s headlights in fog.  It looked like eyeballs or something.

2009-12-14 01 2009-12-14 02 2009-12-14 03 2009-12-14 04 2009-12-14 05 2009-12-14 06 2009-12-14 07 2009-12-14 08

The tree’s below are made of feathers.  It was pretty.  I immediately thought of our friend Tim.  Tim, these photos are for you.

 2009-12-14 09 2009-12-14 10 2009-12-14 11

OK Tim.  Cool huh?  Below are just some other displays inside various businesses and malls.

 2009-12-14 12 2009-12-14 13 2009-12-14 14 2009-12-14 15


  1. Spent the day looking out the window at the frozen snow, emailing and facebooking - looked at only a few of the blogs I follow. My daughter hasn't posted on hers in a few days - busy with that new baby. It's been a long time since I've been in Charlotte, but I think you'll love it! Good luck with the house, the move, the new job, and meeting new friends.

    Nancy in Iowa

  2. Ooooooh Darlings, now you can also have a beeeg tree. Love those feather ones.

  3. The feather tree reminds me of coconut covered donuts. Mmmmmm.

  4. $30 per person?! Jeez.
    I feel like there is no Christmas spirit around. I don't see any trees out anywhere (why don't more people have feather trees?!) and I don't even see any Christmas ads or tv spots or anything either. Weird.

  5. The trees are GREAT, now put one in your rental car and bring it home to me! Thank you!

  6. Hey darlings, just came upon this link...thought it might be of interest to you...


    Ken From Tampa

  7. Those white fluffy trees are very Whoville! I can almost see Cindy Lu Who peeking under the tree for her gifts!

    Gimme a hint at what you had at TGIF! Did they give you a coupon for $10 off a $25 food order for next week? (Dec 22 to Dec 28) I can pop one in the mail to you if you want!

  8. I forgot to mention that John and I sometimes go to Chuck E. Cheese's and play pinball. We pretend we're someone's grandparents. hehehe


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