12-6-09 Sunday (Hold Your Breath)

For me, today was the last day in Pompano Beach.  Over the next few days, one by one, the girls would be flying home to NY.

Jodi started our day by going to the gym.  We were all doing pretty well until this man came into the gym and smelled so bad.  Michelle had to leave immediately.  The remaining 3 of us did a few more exercises and gave up.  Jodi said we can continue the other exercises at the condo.  I’m not sure how none of us managed to throw up. 

Fresh air!  Jodi has been using and loving the P90X fitness program.  She showed us a lot of the exercises.  It was tough to follow her lead.  They looked like simple exercises but seemed to be difficult to do which means they’ll give big results.

2009-12-06 147 2009-12-06 148 2009-12-06 149 2009-12-06 150 2009-12-06 151 2009-12-06 152 2009-12-06 154

Ahhhhh, the benefits of being the photographer.  I’m so very glad there’s no photos of my fat ass struggling with those exercises. 

After exercise, we had some breakfast.  A smorgasbord of leftovers really.  Leftover porkchop from Bizaare Ave Cafe, leftover pizza, pink champagne, scrambled eggs, bacon, english muffins and fresh fruit.  Interesting mix, huh?  It was AND it worked.

 2009-12-06 166Above: “Jodi, “Enough with the pic-chus!”

2009-12-06 156

2009-12-06 171

Sadly, it was time for my departure!  I loaded up, said my goodbyes, and drove home.


  1. How did you have all that time to take pictures when you should have been doing ABS!!!! What a sneak! I didnt even know that you took that many pics!! Very funny...I like the pic of me flexing!

  2. Uhhhh, I was doing crunches and took a snap shot each time I sat up. Yeah, that's it.


    And not to be gross or anything, but when you exercise {generally speaking} you stink. If you're doing it right you do, anyway.

    I always stink.

    {Patiently waiting for a come back to that.}

    PS: Jodi looks smokin' hot in that pink polka dot bikini. Before you know it, Garret, you'll be in YOUR pink polka dot bikini! Just keep doing those crunches, man.

  4. @Alix: The pink polka dot was Michelle.

    Oh and that guy stunk the day before AND stinks before he even works out.

  5. Oh! Jodi, Michelle. All your friends are gorgeous. Take me for example.

    {grinning broadly}

    Re: Stinky guy... gross. Even I bathe occasionally.


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