12-7-09 Monday (The News)

While I was goofing off in Pompano Beach Thursday, Jim had a Wells Fargo phone interview.  On Friday he was offered the position as Mortgage Underwriter.  He accepted!  He starts January 11th.  Where?  Charlotte, NC here we come.  So here’s the time line:

  • 12-10-09 Thursday: We’re going to Charlotte with the dog in the BMW.  We’ll look for a house/condo to rent.  We’ll check out the area.  We’ll leave the BMW there, rent a car and drive back.  When we leave Florida we’ll only have to drive the motorhome with the Jeep in tow.
  • 12-17-09 Thursday: Back to Florida to take care of truck loading.  See below.
  • 12-18-09 Friday: This weekend we will unload all 4 of our storage units into ABF trailer units.  These will be trucked to Charlotte shortly after Christmas.
  • 12-25-09 Friday: Merry Christmas!
  • 12-28-09 Monday: We hit the road for Charlotte, NC.  AND our time at the RV park expires.

Jim leaked the news onto Facebook.  My mom has been ill lately and I hadn’t the opportunity to talk to her.  I didn’t want to blog about it until she was aware.  She’s aware.  She’s OK right now.

I have mixed emotions.  I’m excited.  I’m nervous – scared.  I’m sad.  I’m definitely trying to keep upbeat.  I’ve already started crying while talking to my friend Tim.  I had to hand the damn phone to Jim.  I got choked up. 

Jim worked his part-time, temporary job today for a few hours to finish up on a project.  What a short job it was for him.  While he was at work I cashed in our loose change.  $63.00 worth.  I also returned a pair of new sneakers that were coming apart, gassed up the car, and did laundry.  When he got home we took the BMW in for alignment, wheel balance and oil change.

Later in the evening, as anal retentive as Jim is, he got out the suitcases and arranged them in the BMW to find the maximum amount and pieces of luggage we can bring for the trip.  I poke fun at it but ya know something, it was a smart move.


  1. Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!!! Big news!

    It's another adventure. And from what I hear, it's a great place to live. And there is a gay men's chorus so you can take up that passion for singing you've always kept so well hidden...


    It's gonna be faaaabulous!!!

  2. Jim, congratulations on the new job! Garret, you will even closer to your NY girlfriends, which are all attractive by the way! :o)


  3. Good! A job is a good thing. Sorry you're sad, too, though.

    Good look on getting all ready.

  4. @Liz: Thanks for the link you closet gay man, you.

    @MandC: Thanks! They're hawt.

    @Jason: I'll get over it. It's more exciting than anything.

  5. Congrats to Jim on the new job! Now you know where to look for a job too.

    I think I mentioned that we've been toying with the idea of moving south in a few years. John would like to live around Fayetteville, near Ft. Bragg.

  6. Yipeeeeee big hugs for you Jim, may it be a fabulous one. Hope the two of you find loads of new friends and adventures there.

  7. What GREAT news!!! I am so happy for you guys. Sounds like you have a good plan set up as well.
    All the best,
    Ken from Tampa

  8. Also forgot to mention, Wells Fargo is still my bank from CA.

    So Jim...how about a loan?(Grin)

    Ken from Tampa

  9. Congratulations, Jim, you deserve a nice big juicy break. And Garret, venturing into the unknown is always scary. But you survived all that RVing in the snow and cold; you'll do great with this, too. Welcome to a brand new chapter in your lives!

  10. Thank you so much for your email heads up. I am so very thrilled and excited for you and Jim. Of course any change is a little frightening and daunting, at least on the surface of things. Once you create momentum and actually make your way into the future it will be bright and welcoming. You just wait. You are crossing the threshold into a fabulous future of new opportunities, friends, and experiences. Your Florida friends aren't going anywhere. Your life base is just expanding and absorbing more and more goodness.

    As is should be.

    This is your time, guys. And it's an exciting time! If you shed tears, let them be tears of love and hope and of what will be ~ not what you feel you are leaving. True friends never ever leave. We live in your heart, silly.

    ♥ Alix

  11. @Alix: Thank you so much! What a beautiful thing to say!

  12. @aborovoy: Thanks. I'll pass on the the well wishes to Jim.

  13. Garret: Sorry. That wasn't me. That was my wig.

  14. Congratulations to Jim on landing a job. And congrats to you both on landing a new adventure. I'm so excited for you. Think of all the places you can prowl around being based in Charlotte. Can't wait to hear (read) all about it :)


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