I’m a fabric softener type of guy.  I love it.  I prefer the liquid over the dryer sheets.  Our RV machine has a dispenser.  A lot of campground machines do not so I have a small supply of dryer sheets.  When we went to Charlotte on our “reconnaissance mission”, I bought a product called Purex Complete 3-in-1.  Of course when I’m prepared, the hotel had Maytag front loaders with fabric softener dispensers. 


I bring up this new fangled product because it’s not really new.  Back in the late 80’s, there was a similar product called the Fab 1 Shot

Here’s a bunch of retro commercials.  If you jump to 1:49, you’ll see the Fab 1 Shot commercial. 

So the rental house has a washer.  No fabric softener dispenser.  So, if I can find one, I’ll need to get a Downy Ball.  Anyone ever use one?  It dispenses on the spin cycle.  So after the clothes have washed, it spins, then the softener goes in, but then it could go right out the drain if the ball is near the tub, and then it rinses.  Does it rinse yet again?  It would seem to be that it would get washed out too much and be useful.  Any thoughts?


I know.  Just call me obsessive compulsive.  I’m serious about my softener needs though.  Really.  It saddens me.


  1. Hi! Yes, the downy ball works great!! I used one for years, and I was very happy with it. It is easy to clean, just rinse out, and doesn't leave a mess all over the machine. You'll do fine with it..

  2. Thanks Sharon! Gotta have my fabric softener!

  3. My daughter used to use the Downy and and liked it. she was convinced that the dryer sheets were making her break out (funny, she doesn't complain when I do her laundry and use the sheets). anyway, her dad bought her those 3 in 1 things when they were shopping for her dorm. she loves them.

  4. Ok, you are obsessive compulsive!

    Actually though, I guess I am too. Always use the stuff. In my RV washer/dryer, it specifically says to use liquid softener only, no dryer sheets. Suppose to help get out some of the wrinkles. Not sure why, but I am obedient in following directions.
    Ken from Tampa


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