4-20-14 Sunday (Stale Ingredients)

First, some photos from our backyard:

2014-04-02 0014/2/14

2014-04-14 0024/14/14

I took off Friday the 4th from both work and from NC.  I went to Fort Myers, Florida!  I flew Allegiant.  With one checked bag, it cost me $160 round trip.  An incredible deal!  Allegiant is limited as to what airports they fly out of.  Typical not major airports. I had to drive to the Asheville regional airport.  It was a 2 hour trip and was an easy drive.  I typically fly from Greenville but Asheville was a recent addition to their airport list.  Greenville’s departure time was like 6:30am.  With getting to the airport an hour early + a 2 hour drive, I would have had to leave the house by 3:30am.  Yeah, no thanks.  The drive to Asheville was prettier and the airport nicer.  The best part?  My flight was at 10:30am.  The second best?  Cheap!


My Aunt Donna and her best friend Rosemary (aka Ro) picked me up.  Ro was visiting from NY and she also flew Allegiant a day or 2 before I did.  Our family has known Ro for many years.

I spent the weekend with my Mom and Dad, just relaxing, chit chatting and such.  I got to see Mike, Dave and David for lunch on Saturday.  I didn’t take any pictures except for a couple of funny ones or special effects ones.

2014-04-05 007Above: My cousin Carissa.

2014-04-05 009Above: My cousin and her fiancée, Josh.

perkinsAbove: Butt crack sighting at Perkins.

My Florida Trip ended Monday morning.  It was a nice long weekend trip. Jim did not come with me since a) he saw most of his family recently b) he can stay home with the dog and c) he doesn’t have as much time off as me.

A lonely photo in my phone…

2014-03-16 014Above: A few weeks ago while at lunch with Jeff and Paul at Diablo’s.  Fresh Free Ingredients mean something different than Free Fresh Ingredients.

Friday the 11th, we made our way to Augusta.  Jim spent a lot of time organizing his tools in to Rubbermaid storage bins.  We also found a place for the empty totes we use to transport stuff back and forth.  Now the living area is free of clutter.  I should have taken a picture but soon after organization, some piles started appearing.  You know the piles.  “Returns”.  “Needs a home”.  “Donate”. Etc.  Oh well.  It was nice while it lasted.

This is gone:2014-03-30 062

One of our friends here at the campground knows a mechanic… his dad.  So several weeks ago we dropped the Jeep off with him for repairs and this weekend we picked it up.  He repaired our power window, replaced the headliner, solved a rough idle issue and oodles of other issues.  The Mazda lease is up in June so we’re gonna need that Jeep in working order.

Easter weekend, 18-20th, we stayed in Charlotte and had friends over for Easter lunch.  Beth, Angie, David, Ruby and Jamie came over.  It was potluck style and the food was amazing.

2014-04-20 003Above: Ruby and Jamie as taken from the front door sidelight.

You know how I love the novelty bread from Great Harvest Bread right?  We’ve had a turkey and a spider.  This time, a very cute bunny wabbit.

2014-04-20 004Above: Crafty Jim arranged it on a cake plate with Easter grass and chocolate Easter Eggs.  Don’t worry, it didn’t suffocate in the plastic bag… it was already dead.

2014-04-20 005Above/Below: My contribution was the little Easter baskets filled with goodies at each place setting.2014-04-20 002

Below: I got a new Pysanka egg! 2014-04-20 003

Thanks to Bette for yet another amazing egg!

3-30-14 Sunday (3 Weekends)

Weekend 14th – 16th.

It was another weekend in Augusta.  I pulled an extra bath mat out from under the RV bathroom sink and it was wet.  Ut oh.  The connection from the faucet to the cold water was bad.  It was dripping down into an abyss which might be where that water is coming from that was leaking under the RV.  It was a good time to replace the faucets.  Both the kitchen and the bathroom faucets were plastic and had dual knobs instead of a single faucet.  The RV dealer has been receptive to our emails and mentioned something about sending someone to make repairs.

Jim worked on leveling the RV again.  He’s anal about that.  We replaced the bedspread with our old reversible comforter. 

2014-03-30 064Above: We still need some more storage bins for the shelf above the bed.

beforeAbove: Before

2014-03-30 063Above: Look!  A finished area!

Weekend 21st – 23rd.

This was a much different weekend than usual.  We drove to Augusta as typical on Friday night BUT then Saturday morning we left and went on to Atlanta for an extended weekend.  We took off Monday, spending the long weekend at Jim’s brother and sister-in-law’s house.  Jim’s dad and his wife were visiting from Florida.  Our nephew, Colton, is adorable and well behaved.  I spent a long time playing cars and trains with him.  He’s 2.  I’m not sure if 2 is still stated in months for that age.  I’m 525 months old.  Anyway, we had a great visit.  It’s always so relaxing.

2014-03-22 001

2014-03-22 021

Dasher enjoyed himself too:

2014-03-22 049

On the way back home we stopped at The Varsity.  It’s a famous burgers and hotdogs place.  Jim and I weren’t all that impressed but I found out afterwards, we should have had the hotdogs which is what makes the place so popular.  Oh well.

Weekend 28th – 30th.

Once again we’re in Augusta.  We spent a lot of Saturday cleaning out the last of our belongings from the motorhome.  It was mostly left over stuff that I put off finding a home for on the inside.  On the outside, Jim emptied the basement and organized all of that stuff.  We have plenty of room in the new RV though.  We even have some empty spaces.  Jim has hired someone to make some repairs on the motorhome.

So how’s the RV going?  I love it.  The space here is awesome and I love it’s modern style. 

When we come to Augusta, we pack up in storage totes for all of the clothes and other crap we bring.  I’d like to find a place for these totes while we’re here so the living room looks nice.  For the past few trips here, this is what it’s been looking like:

2014-03-30 062Above: The left side is where the bins have been getting stacked.  The right chair is stacked with new bins we bought this weekend to organize the cabinets above the chairs.

It’s a work in progress.  We did manage to squeeze in some socializing in the evenings.  On our next trip to Augusta, I hope to have the interior complete.

Next week, I’ll be in Florida for a long weekend!