12-18-09 Friday (Candlelight Moves)

imageABF, the moving company was to drop off a trailer at our storage facility between 8 and noon.  They were to call us approximately 20 minutes prior to arrival so that we could meet them at the site and coordinate it’s placement.  They called when they arrived, rather than prior but luckily the office personnel were bale to direct them accordingly.  This is a U-Pack moving company.  They drop off the truck trailer (see photo above), we load and then they come pick it up when we call them.  They charge by the space used inside. 

It is miserable outside.  It’s raining hard with a tornado warning in effect.  What a day this will be.

The storage facility is an indoor “air conditioned” unit.  It’s a big warehouse with chain link units inside.  The office said a lot of the lights in the unit aren’t working and they’ve ordered ballasts.  The lights not working are all on the side where one of our units are (we have 3 8X10 units).  We checked it out.  Very dark.  We’re angry.  We warn the office that they need to do something.  In the meantime we drive home to get a lantern.  Grandma has 2 lanterns.  While at Grandma’s we draft her to help us.  She held the doors, kept things steady, etc which was a huge help.

Jim’s father, Terry and brother Corey, were coming to help us.  With the later arrival of the truck trailer, the constant rain, the fact they’re almost an hour away from us, plus Terry needing to do some last minute emergency construction work, they weren’t able to come.

The inoperative storage lights started working on their own!

Jim, Grandma and I got a lot accomplished.  Tomorrow we’ll have help for some larger items.  To protect everything and eliminate odd shapes, most everything was put into boxes over a year ago.  Jim boxed the sofas, the recliners, curio, etc. 

2009-12-18 14Above: The pieces of wood in the front are the bulk heads.  When we’re done we section off our stuff.  ABF charges for the space we’ve used and can still haul freight in the remaining area.

 2009-12-18 15 2009-12-18 17 2009-12-18 18 2009-12-18 19 2009-12-18 20

That’s enough for today.  We’re beat.

Jim and I had dinner with my Mom at Olive Garden.  My Dad has had a cold so he stayed home.  I was commenting that I too had a cod that was nearly gone and never got real bad.  Later in the evening, it came back leaving me with congestion.  We bought more cold meds.  I don’t have time for this shit.

Tomorrow we tackle the larger pieces, and unit 3 of 3.  Next week, we tackle an outdoor “unairconditioned” unit at a different storage facility with a different ABF trailer.  The fun continues.  Stay tuned.


  1. Gees, wasn't it so much easier to live and move around....in an RV?

    Ken from Tampa

  2. Moving in the rain really sucks! We had to move Dani into her dorm in a downpour in August. We had 2 cars filled with stuff. Not nearly as bad as a house, but still yucky.

  3. Those "cods" are a real bitch, man. Stay well. And doesn't Jim look manly in his sweaty tee. How much sweat did you build up taking photos? Eh?

    I got migraines once... during a move... then never again. Moving is stressful. Wish I could help.


    ♥ you.

  4. have fun - oops! I hate moving!!


  5. Rainy with a chance of tornadoes for you... Snowstorm for me... This weather rocks!

    And I love Olive Garden! Mmm.


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