12-15-09 Tuesday (Stale Popcorn, Sweet People)

image We were out of our breakfast sandwiches.  Jimmy Dean’s D’Lights, 260 calories.  They’re quick and easy – microwaveable and pretty good since we’re away from home without our home made breakfast sandwiches.  I guess being out of these gave us a free pass to go to Shoney’s for a breakfast/lunch buffet and pig out.  Our meal large portions and lack of proper nutrition has been off the charts lately.  We really need to settle down.  Ugh.  Shoney’s is kind of a dive.  Everyone I’ve ever been to has been so out dated.

After breakfast/lunch we drove around the rental house neighborhood and took note of all the awesome businesses close to us.  Shopping plazas are abundant within 5 minutes from the house. 

image This morning I awoke with a sore throat.  Jim has had a cold all week which began with the sore throat.  It’s one of those that aren’t that bad and when you’ve first woken up, you hope it’s because you slept with your mouth open.  After some coffee, it will be fine.  Nope.  It’s still not on the real painful list, just the annoying list.  Gulp.  Scratch.  Owwww.

image Friend, John Anderson, and his family use St. Joseph’s baby aspirin for sore throat relief.  This has ALWAYS worked 100% for me.  I think it’s 6 or 8 of them under the tongue and let them dissolve and run down your throat.  Chewable non-coated baby aspirin (or chewable low dose adult)is fast-acting and provides a topical analgesic to a sore throat. You could chew regular aspirin instead, but the taste is off-putting.  Awesome.  I need to get some if this sore throat persists or worsens. 

image We just finished up laundry.  It had been weighing on my mind lately.  I’m accustomed to doing it daily so it really bothered me to see it pile up so much.  Winter clothing is a lot more than shorts and t-shirts!  Long pants, t-shirts, sweaters, longer socks, ugh.  Too much fabric.  What are we getting ourselves into?

Jim found a cheap seats movie theater in the city of Matthews.  We got a popcorn, 2 drinks, and found our way to the Surrogates movie.  Only 2 other people in the theater.  The popcorn was stale.  I walked back to ask them to make fresh.  They already had since I got mine.  New popcorn, much better.  The movie was good.  Interesting.  I love sci-fi. 

We weren’t all that hungry so we delayed dinner until later in the evening.  We ate at a Sonny’s.  It was a little dry but nothing some BBQ sauce couldn’t help.

I must say 95% of the people we’ve encountered here have been so sweet and friendly.  It’s been a nice change.  3 people that have not been stellar are:

  1. Management company bitch: Cindy makes us feel like the more we asked for extra care, the further to the back our application will go.
  2. Shoney’s server: No personality.  Stepford wife-ish.  Very monotoned with a Southern drawl: “Welcome to Shoney’s, my name is Jennifer.  Are ya’ll here for the all you can eat buffet?”  I think that was code for, if you are, I hate you.
  3. A Walmart cashier:  Surprisingly enough, or not, we’ve been to Walmart everyday.  Oh there’s constantly something we’ve needed.  All employees have been so nice except for one that didn’t say a word to us.  Maybe they stiffed her on a break?

On a humorous note, a few times Jim has grabbed the tube of hair product thinking it was hand lotion.  As he rubs it into his skin and becomes sticky, he realizes what he’s done, washes his hands and then applies the correct product.  I of course laugh.  I told him I’m gonna have to blog about it and he insisted I take a photo of the 2 products to show the similarities in tubes.


So do you think he should be excused after doing it several times?  Have you ever grabbed the wrong product for cooking, bathing or whatever?  Tell us about it.  We won’t laugh at you – much.


  1. From your posts it sounds like you and I had similar management company issues to deal with this past week. In my case I kept thinking, "Bitch, if you don't like your job, get a new one, but don't take it out on me." I started off in the mortgage industry as a processor. I know how some processors just send out their info requests and then sit back and wait to get a response. I never did that. I was, and still am, a pitbull when it comes to doing things. It just pisses me off when these people know we are in a bind and things need to be expedited, but they still just sit around and make excuses for why nothing is getting done.

  2. Poor Jim, all color-blind and junk...

  3. I can totally see how you could confuse the bright yellow tube with purple lettering for the dull white tube with gold lettering. And silver cap vs gold cap... so confusing! Good thing you don't keep lube by the hair and skin products...

    (Aw, snap! Did I really just say that???)

  4. I'm glad everyone is having a laugh at Jim's expense. ;-) See what I live with?

  5. Sorry. No mercy from Casa Hice. Jim just won a new job. He should be on his game. Sticky hair products as hand lotion doesn't fly. You can tell him I said that. He needs to be present.

    PS: What's hair product?

  6. Alix, you know. Hair product. You put it in your uhhhh in someone's hair and style away.

  7. OK, if the tubes were the same color I could see the problem, but um... one's bright yellow and one is white!!! Sorry.. no sympathy here. Could be worse though... he could have put the lubriderm in his hair.

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