12-20-09 Sunday (Crushed)

Moving trailer #1 is now complete!  Jim and I went to his Mom’s to gather the remaining items from their house.  We dropped them off at the moving trailer, secured it, put the bulk head in place and lifted the ramp back into the trailer.  Did that make you tired just reading about it? 

halloween_demons_194 The ramp is 9,000 pounds or more – or so it seemed.  It was hard lifting it into the truck.  At some point, it almost squished Jim.  With no life insurance on him right now, I was against that whole dying thing.  Surely it could wait at least until after the insurance kicks in.

Morgan’s birthday was Thursday and Ann’s was Saturday.  We took them out to dinner at Longhorn’s.  We all had burgers and enjoyed them.

Oddly, no photos today.  Finally a short and easy read blog entry, huh?  Don’t hate.


  1. Yay for Longhorn! The last year or so I was in Atlanta I was kind of like a "secret shopper" for them - twice a year I had lunch or dinner at one of the restaurants near me, completed a questionnaire about the experience and got reimbursed for the meal plus a little extra. And I got to keep the food I ate!!!

    Nancy in Atlanta

  2. Mom L: "And I got to keep the food I ate!!!

    That's an important quality to most any restaurant. :-) You made me laugh.


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