A Bonus Friday: Dear So and So

Dear So and So...Fellow blogger Joanie has done many Dear So and So letters.  Then Alix started doing them.  They both do such an excellent job, I thought I’d take a stab at it.   I’m not going to explain the letters, just read, you’ll get it.  It’s taken me weeks to finish this list.  I come up blank for topics so I doubt I’ll be doing this regularly.  Maybe irregularly.  Hmmmm, that sounds like I need a laxative or something.  Anyway, I present to you, my Dear So and So. 


Dear Cigarettes,

10 months after our break up and you still continue to taunt me.  You and your friend, Nicotine, are simply relentless in your pursuit of my unhealthiness.  Stop calling me!

Formerly Addicted,

Yours No More


Dear Clea,

You are a cat.  You need to relax in the morning.  I’ll feed you when I’m good and ready.


Never Good & Ready


Dear Senility,

I’m not ready for you.  I’m too young.  I’ve had to buy a freakin’ pill box with the day of the week stamped atop since I can’t remember if I took my damn pills or not.  Go away.

Yours… What The Hell Was I Just Gonna Do?



Dear Headphones,

Thank you for your continued support in my cardio health.  I’m sorry I washed you with my gym clothes.  I’m grateful you still worked in all your squeaky-cleanliness.


The Erroneous Laundry Slave


Dear Perspective Employers,

I’m very professional.  Pick me!  Pick me!  Pick me!  Oooooo, ooooo.

Professionally Yours,

Mr. Garret XXXXXXX Jr.


Dear Readers,

If you enjoy these Dear So and So's on Fridays, try your own hand at one!  Pop on over to Kat's place, grab her button and put it on your blog!  Put your name on Mr. Linky and you'll be linked right up!  C'mon!  You know you want to!



    Most excellent Dear So and So's. I especially liked your letter to senility. I need to send one myself. And I also need to get a weekly pill box.

    PS: My blog formatting got screwy and I don't know why. HELP!

  2. Thanks Alix. I'm not all that pleased with the Dear So and So's. I had a hard time thinking of them.

  3. I think the key is to not think about them too much. Pick anything (Dear Foot) and write something inane and silly about it. Or current events are always good. The dumber they are the better.

    My sidebar has jumped to the bottom of my main page and I can't reverse it. Don't know what happened or how and didn't change any formatting. Freaky and I hate it. Any suggestions?

  4. Y'all are making me jealous with the Dear So and So's. I might have to do it. :)

  5. I passed senility and went straight to Half-Heimers. I have two, count 'em, TWO pill boxes with the dates. And I still forget. Sigh...I blame the adult-onset, child-induced ADD.

  6. I thought the Dear So and So were very good Garret. Now you've got me thinking. Hmmmm

  7. @Chef Green: Come to the dark side. We have candy.

    @Alix: Not a clue about your page. See I won't even dare change mine. I'm scared. :-)

  8. @Jen: The other night I forgot to take them. The computer popped up to remind me. I acknowledged the event. I started getting up. Something I was ready had my attention. I failed.

  9. EXCELLENT!!! Great job on your first time out!

    I have been smoke-free for 18 years, this coming New Years Eve. I still want cigarettes from time to time.

    My cats, Cameron and Mason think they are dogs. And I swear Mason can talk. He says out and Mom.

    I have to do the pill box thing too, bit you will be quick to remind me that I am about 12 years older than you.

    Chapstick left in pants pockets during laundry will ruin every work shirt in the load. Just sayin...

    How can any employer not pick you? Maybe they knew you'd be moving to NC.

  10. Loved your letters!
    I think I might have to get myself one of those pill boxes. I always forget if I took my meds or not.


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