12-24-09 Thursday (Camera Shy Freaks)

Animated Xmas Globe It’s Christmas Eve!  Several years ago, Jim and I started our own tradition.  Because we’d finish our Christmas shopping and wrapping early, we’d venture to the local mall and people watch.  Oh, the last minute shoppers.  We sort of “get in the way” as we slowly walk the mall, leaving our cares at the door.  We stop and get cookies, then park our asses on a bench and people watch.  Last year, we did it while in Portland, OR.  This year, at the Edison Mall in Fort Myers, FL.  We’ll enjoy one of our favorites from the food court, Bourbon Chicken, from Chao Cajun.  It will be A last time to have this.  I say “A” last time because I realize, we’ll be back for visits to annoy those we love. 


The trip to the mall was a disappointment.  One might think that it’s because of my lack of holiday spirit.  It was more so that watching everyone, it looked like they had no cares in the world either.  Hardly anyone was carrying bags, yet the mall was very busy.  I didn’t take photos.  The only wacky ones I would have liked a photo of were the freaks that probably would have kicked my ass at the sight of a flash.

The rest of the day Jim and I visited with family.  This year was the first time I’ve ever eaten out for Christmas Eve dinner.  My Dad and I ate at Macaroni Grill.  Yummy.  I over-ate, what else is new?

Merry Christmas.


  1. No photos? How can I get my vicarious enjoyment? Where's the love? Where are the rubes?

    Merry Christmas anyway. I guess. It's just another day in the snow here!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  2. Merry Christmas! John, Derek & Prince

  3. Did you draw on your table at Macaroni Grill? I love that place.


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