12-27-09 Sunday (Nuthin’)

Our last full day in Fort Myers.  We spent it with our families.  First off to Ann and Morgan’s for her famous chicken enchiladas, by our request.  Then Jim met up with Grandma for dinner while I visited with my Mom and Dad.  There’s really not much to tell today.  No photos, no nuthin’. 

Smoking Baby

Tomorrow, we hit the road, with an overnight stay in Jacksonville.  We’ll be meeting up with the deliciously wonderful Alix and her sister of awesomeness, Lisa for dinner.  I’m not sure about all the details yet, but you can be sure, you’ll be jealous. 

I published a few entries within several hours.  Be sure to scroll down and catch ‘em all.


  1. Hell, yeah! I'm jealous!

    Have a great time! Give Alix a hug for me! Have a safe trip!

  2. Be careful using that "jealous" word... and, no, I won't be, actually.

    But I am sad for your last day "home." And am glad you got to spend it with friends and family.

  3. Good times, Garret. Good times. My Fajitas Nachos are returning on me just like you said they would. Damn green peppers!

    We all had a blast at La Nopalera with you guys. Larry really enjoyed meeting you too! I only wish we had more time. Saint Augustine spoiled me, I think.

    Thank you so much for switching up your plans and meeting us before you hit the RV Park. Hope the accommodations are nice.

    PS: Some people sure get testy when you mention jealousy, don't they Kristen? LOL! At least Joanie is appropriately turning green with envy. She's so great! Garret - we must go to Philly sometime and visit Joanie. Would we have fun or what? We could go to T.G.I. Fridays and spend the day ordering appetizers so we can hang out with her and then tip her big. Or maybe she'll zip down and I'll zip up and we'll all meet in Charlotte so you can host us and wait on us hand and foot. Because I just KNOW you and Jim know how to treat the ladies. Woot woot!

    Safe travels my friends. Call or email me when you arrive in Charlotte.


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