12-12-09 Saturday (Decisions)

Another early start.  Up at 7 am.  Jim got up first.  I asked, “Are you staying up?”  He was.  I was hoping for another hour but I guess I was ready too.

One of the homes we did a drive by on yesterday was one in which we had a showing appointment for today.  It’s an older home that sits on 2.7 acres.  The rent is a lot higher than I’m comfortable with.  The interior is all hardwood floors, large rooms, yet small showers but a large tub.  A bidet.  Hmmmm.  The wallpaper, wood paneling and window treatments are too floral and country for my tastes.  Our stuff would surely clash but we’re only renting so I guess we can deal with it.  The place needs a deep cleaning too.  Ugh.  The big attraction is the size property, fenced, and a large house.  We can store the RV right behind the house.  The owner is asking $1290 a month.  We’ve offered $1,000 for this huge house. 

2009-12-12 22 2009-12-12 15Above: Creepy lighted mirrored wall in the master bedroom.

2009-12-12 16Above: Living room/dining room

2009-12-12 17Above: Living room.  Door leads to sunroom.

 2009-12-12 18Above: Long galley kitchen with dinette. 

 2009-12-12 19Above: Another kitchen shot.  Doorway to laundry room.

 2009-12-12 20Above: Self explanatory. 

While we wait for the realtor’s return call, we checked into RV storage.  Jim called a few places and it seems the average is about $100 a month.  We can factor that into whether we are willing to pay more for a house that can handle RV storage. 

Sometime this weekend, we’ll be meeting Mark & Tom.  We’ve Facebook-met them through mutual friends John & Derek.  I think Mark looks like my twin.


They live Uptown (we North Carolinians call it uptown instead of downtown).  Jim and I haven’t been uptown in about 10 years so we’re interested to see it.

While awaiting for the reply to the older spacious home offer, we decided we’d like the newer 2 story.  We’d be better off storing the RV at a campground’s annual site than driving it each weekend’s getaway.  Fuel costs for a 6 hour roundtrip make it cost prohibitive.  We called the Realtor, have to fill out an application and then hopefully all is set before we leave. 

I spoke with Tim yesterday.  He was adamant that I snap a lot of photos of the area.

2009-12-12 01Above/Below: The hotel.  Jim was trying to get a shot of the ice on the windshield. 2009-12-12 02 2009-12-12 03 2009-12-12 04 2009-12-12 05 2009-12-12 06 2009-12-12 07 2009-12-12 08 2009-12-12 09Above/Below: Neighborhood streets. 2009-12-12 10 2009-12-12 11Above/Below: Just a neighborhood.  No significance.  2009-12-12 12 2009-12-12 13 2009-12-12 14

I’ll have more when we venture into uptown.

Wow, this is a long post.  Primarily because of all the photos. 

5 minutes away is a very large mall.  The Concord Mills Mall to be exact.  Highlights – a fun Lego store.



Oh and importantly, a Cinnabon!  Every time I even mention the name, my pants shrink. 

image Above: More like Cinnagone.


  1. PlEASE DON'T HATE ME BUT... I don't see you and Jim in the floral paneled grandma house. It's fine, and quaint, but it's not you.

    If you DO end up there... disregard the previous statement. I love it. It's "you."

    Not really, but whatev.

  2. But a bidet...how can you resist that?? And RV storage right on the lot? Wow that sounds tempting. The RV could be a guest house for when I come to visit(Grin).
    Ken from Tampa

  3. I just got all caught up on your adventures. Whew! Whirlwind!

    The house looks very nice- because I'm in such a holiday mindframe, I can totally see Christmas lights and wreaths on the new house, little candles in each window.

    Are you going to end up posting with an accent after you move?

    Lego store! Sah-weet!

    Cinnabon? Ikea? Sah-weeter!

  4. OK, I'm glad you picked the other house. This one didn't work for me. I love the outside of the two story. The inside looks alittle like a mobil home so you should feel right at home. As far as Mark looking like you.... I don't think so, He's much hotter and thinner. Thank you for all the pic's, You done real good. We must go to the Cinnabon store when I get there. LOVE that place!

    I LOVE YOU MAN!!!!

  5. @Alix: No, I don't care for the grandma house either. We're applying for the 2 story non-grandma model.

    @Ken: Ken, you have your own guest house on wheels. The bidet, never used one. How does the water NOT freeze the nether-regions?

    @Liz: I love-hate 2 story homes. Heat rises so sometimes temperatures are way off. Moving into them is a pain. Other than that, love it. Posting with an accent. 90% of the people we've come across don't have an accent. Oddly.

    @Timmy: I got your BMW comment. That was hilarious. The inside looks like a mobile home? Are you confusing the grandma house galley kitchen with the the previous day's photos? Mark looks like me so of course we're both hawt.

  6. @Timmy: Jim just informed me the BMW photos where to show the ice on the windshield.

  7. On a positive note, you can do as Crocodile Dundee did and wash your boots in the bidet!!

  8. zOMG, he DOES look a lot like you!

  9. Oh that house is WAY to girly for you!! I'm glad you got the one you did (I'm reading backwards today, playing catch-up)


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