12-26-09 Saturday (Abandonment Party)

Jim and I had lunch at Rib City with Ann & Morgan. After a very yummy lunch, Ann, Jim and I continued on to the Butterfly Estates here in Fort Myers. At $13.00 a person, this place was way over priced. Don’t get me wrong, it was OK but would have been better at $6.00 a person. It’s basically a large greenhouse with butterflies. Here’s just a few of the zillion photos I took. By the way, are slideshows better, does this load fast enough? Thoughts?

2009-12-26 46 2009-12-26 51 2009-12-26 52 2009-12-26 14 2009-12-26 19Above: Yes, there is a butterfly on my shoulder.

2009-12-26 21 2009-12-26 23 2009-12-26 25 2009-12-26 28 2009-12-26 32 2009-12-26 35 2009-12-26 36 2009-12-26 39 2009-12-26 41

The last photo is from their gift shop. This is what happens when butterflies try to escape.

2009-12-26 54

Small world, when we arrived, ex-neighbors and friends, CB & Ryan were just leaving. We chatted for a few minutes. We’ll miss them. After the butterfly garden, Jim and his mom did some shopping while I visited with my Mom.

Later in the evening, we gathered at Carl and Tim’s house. They were throwing a “Garret & Jim’s Friends Abandonment Party”. It was more of an intimate gathering. These are the same guys that had that awesome Thanksgiving gathering last month. Anyway, the invites said to eat before coming, beverages would only be served. They lied. What a spread they put on.

2009-12-26 55

Above/Below: I know, I know. The wall color is still Pumpkin Spice from Thanksgiving. Tacky.

2009-12-26 56 2009-12-26 58Above: Pearl!

2009-12-26 59Above: Laurie!

2009-12-26 61 2009-12-26 62

Above/Below: I was apparently in the midst of my usual and very animated story telling mode. I do that.

2009-12-26 63 2009-12-26 66

Above: The cool and calm Gismo.

2009-12-26 102

Above: Nancy!

2009-12-26 103

Above: Laurie and Pearl

2009-12-26 104 Above: Chris

Tomorrow is our last full day here in Fort Myers. We’ll continue to visit with family. I’m sorry we didn’t get to spend time with all of our friends. CB & Ryan, Glenn & Kevin, Brenda & Peggy, Steve & Barry, Ed & Walter, ex-coworkers, Jeffrey, Ryan, the list goes on and on and on. That’s OK, because we have a spare bedroom… come vacation! We mean it!


  1. Great photo collection for your memory book!! .,llk, Sorry, Emma just walked on my keyboard again. Back to your post: my favorite butterfly pic is the pre-butterfly - lovely macro of the caterpillar!!!

    Happy new home, guys...

    Nancy, snowed in in Iowa

  2. Abandonment Party!!! I love it. How very unique.

    You have a cool bunch of friends. I'd like to meet them some day. ONLY true friends celebrate when you abandon them. I know they are going to miss you terribly, but that's what they make planes for.

    Bon voyage, Jim & Garret.

    Happy trails.

    Fair winds and trailing seas.

    Go on witcha bad selves.

    And holy mother of God, lookout Charlotte!

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