12-11-09 Friday (Wafting Fried Intoxication)

It’s 30 degrees out.  We were up at 6:30 am today for a 9 am rental property view-a-thon.  30 is cold.  It’s not the coldest temps we’ve been exposed to this year but nonetheless brrrrrrrrr.  AND yes, I know it’s been colder up north.  Again the seat heaters were delightful!  

We met up with Realtor Mark Watson.  We toured a few homes that fit our requirements.  Allows pets and proximity to Jim’s new job are the most important.  The 1st home had no electric on which can cause pipes to freeze.  The home was dirty.   Carpets stained.  Dead bugs.  Etcetera.  Jim figures the owner is struggling.  PASS.  2nd home was nice.  Highlights: Gas fireplace that comes on with the flip of a switch.  3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths + a computer/office nook.  This one is winning so far.  The 3rd one was on a real busy road.  We didn’t even go inside.  PASS.

Below are the only photos I took of the house that is in the lead.

2009-12-11 06 2009-12-11 05

Below is another photo of the house from a website.


As the day went on, Jim was feeling sick.  Sore throat, lots of sneezing.  He’s got a cold.  He’s not amused.

Several weeks back the wheels squeaked on the BMW at slow speeds.  We suspected brakes.  A Meineke checked it out and said it was just fine with over 50% brake life left.  Well today, the brakes were grinding.  We brought it to a Monro, an affiliate of BJs.  We needed brakes.  Close to $400.  I’m a wee bit upset with Meineke.  I guess they can get in the needs-an-ass-whoop line along with Tire Kingdom

Monro was .3 miles from the hotel.  We ate lunch at Cinco De Mayo which was delicious.  We walked back to the hotel and awaited a few hours for the car to be ready.

2009-12-11 07

A what I thought to be a local restaurant which turned out to be a chain was very much UNenjoyed this evening.  We went to Quaker Steak & Lube (the website is  cool).  We had a BOGO via our Entertainment.com subscription.  I had a sirloin steak sandwich.  I failed to read that it was pretty much strips of steak ala cheese steak style served on ciabatta.  The problem is the ciabatta was more like a large hot dog roll.  It was pretty lame.  Jim had a chicken sandwich.  Lame.  I had a side of their hot wings which they’re “famous” for.  Lame.  The server?  Lame.  I told Jim we should write “YOU SUCK” on the tip line.  She got 15% too much.  I asked for the wings with the meal.  Didn’t happen.  I asked for Splenda twice.  I had been waiting a long time for it and on the 2nd request she took another table’s drink order before completing what I asked of her 7 minutes prior.  A manager had to refill Jim’s drink because she didn’t notice and he was walking around and offered to do so.

 image Above: What ciabatta bread is.

2009-12-11 20Above: Lots of junk hanging around.  Just like a lot of other theme restaurants.

2009-12-11 21

The rest of the evening we watched TV in the room while wafting scents of someone’s hotel room fried food choked me.  It smelled nasty and lasted a lifetime.  I think it crawled under our door.  Gag.

I don’t pass on viral internet videos often but I couldn’t resist the one below.  It’s so cute.  Really.

Here’s some businesses we’re glad to see here in the Charlotte area.  Nathan’s.  I love Nathan’s fries and hot dogs.  I haven’t had it in years.  Ikea.  Ikea rocks.  We didn’t have one of those in Fort Myers either.  I’m also excited about Jack in the Box.  I like it.  I’ve only had it a few times.

Here’s some Dasher photos:

2009-12-11 11

2009-12-11 18

Some photos from the hotel parking lot:

2009-12-11 16  2009-12-11 13  2009-12-11 15 Above: I was going for the cold look but by the time Dasher snapped the photo, Jim and I weren’t on the same page.  Oh well. 


  1. I love the leading house!!!

    Nancy in (17 degrees) Iowa

  2. Please find a house soon so you can stay home for dinner and cook healthier meals! lol!

  3. Mom L: The leading house won!

    Michelle: I agree. Barf.

  4. That lead house looks great...and...so much room. But where do you fill the propane tanks and dump the black tank on it. These are the questions, I would be asking...
    Ken from Tampa

  5. Yes! Definitely that house. A winner. Do it!

  6. Love that house!!!

    Yuck on your meal. Shoulda gone to Fridays.


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