12-9-09 Wednesday (No More Wire Hangers, EVER)

It was a busy morning for us.  We decided to get on the road to Charlotte today instead of tomorrow morning.  Jim booked an overnight hotel stay at Motel 6 in Jacksonville.  

The oil change guy came LATE.  We had to pull up the jacks and pull the slide out in for some of the services.  We had a bunch of fluids changed.  The engine oil, generator oil and transmission fluid.  Yesterday I mentioned the differential but was mistaken.  It hardly happens.  Me, being mistaken that is. 


The awning repair guy came LATE and applied his magic sealer to the awning.  We’ll see.  We have some interior leaks for which he didn’t have the proper sealer.  Hmmmm, we told him we had other leaks 2 days ago.  Nice to be prepared.  We want to use someone else but we’re running out of time.  The man is an idiot.

We finally hit the road… sort of.  We got on the interstate and the damn tire pressure light came on.  We pulled into a gas station.  Great, a tire inflator with no built in gauge.  It also cost a freakin’ dollar to use it.  Inflation.  Get it?  Inflation.  Still not?  Think about it.  So I went inside, spent $1.99 on a tire gauge.  The front tires were overinflated by about 6 cold -10 hot psi.   Nice.  If we didn’t have a monitoring system we would have unevenly worn the tires.  What burns us about this?  Well, we were delayed.  The hassle.  AND 2 days prior we had brought it to TIRE Kingdom for rotate/balance/alignment.  Ugh.


Back on the road again.  Uneventful which is a definite plus.  Travel time was about 5 hours plus all the pit stops.  We got to the Motel 6 and I think it’s better if they would have left the lights off.  Maybe then we would have missed it.  It was kind of a dive. 

image You have to remember that our shower/tub is small.  It’s like a cruise ship shower.  Think transporter tube.  Anyway, we were looking forward to a normal sized shower and endless hot water.  Here’s the shower:

IMG_0003 Above: Teleporter Shower magically takes you to Motel 6 headquarters.  No heel tapping required.

 IMG_0001Above: A view under the bed.  The dog food is ours from an unfortunate bowl-falling-off-the-top-of-the-TV incident.  The paper towel, not ours.  There’s a bent up hanger there too.  I’ll refrain from making metal hanger jokes.  There’s so many though.

It was a nasty place but one of the few that allowed pets.  Shady characters walking around and a security guard.  While typing up this entry, I read some reviews of this place and feel rather lucky compared to some of this dump’s past stayed-here-and-never-will-again guests.

Today’s entry is getting a MISadventure label for sure.  Since this is only the start of our trip, do keep reading for more possible MISadventures.  It would seem this might be the luck of our week’s adventure.


  1. I love you!!! Thank you for making my bad day a cake walk! I'm sorry for your troubles, please don't misunderstand, it's just that you handle it so gracefully and with humor...I don't think I could do that...really...I hate the awning guy, and I don't even KNOW the awning guy! Bless you!!

  2. Thanks Sharon. That's OK to enjoy my misery. I find that readers respond to chaos, misery, destruction, bad luck, etc. It's what "sells" so to speak.

  3. Maybe you'll have an exciting adventure, like being caught in a blizzard!!???

    Nancy in snowy Iowa

  4. To bad the dollar store in pompano didnt have a tire gauge! how much is this? its a dollar! lol


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