11-08-15 (Sold!)

Hi!  Yep, another post.  I can hardly believe it too.  I’ve been somewhat inspired lately.  Jim has been real slow at work because he’s still in training.  To pass the time he’s been surfing the internet and had decided to read our blog from way back when.  As a matter of fact, he’s emailed me a few funny quotes or great memories.  At some point, he mentioned that I don’t seem to blog much anymore.  Reasoning? Lack of material, lack of time, lack of interest, etc.  Mostly lack of material.  I mean what can I write about unless we take a trip or something?


Speaking of trips…  We booked a trip to NYC for Christmas.  We fly out Thursday, Christmas Eve night after work, check in at the Hilton Garden Inn, Times Square and depart Sunday.  We have Christmas Day reservations for Radio City Music Hall.  We have brunch and dinner reservations as well.  We’ll also visit Rockefeller Center (+Top of the Rock Observation Deck), 911 Memorial, Statue of Liberty, etc.  We’re going to have a great time.

I lived in NY, Bayside, Queens for the first 18 years of my life.  I never went to the Statue of Liberty or Empire State Building.  Jim and I have been to the Empire State Building on a prior visit in October 2001, just after 9/11.  We stayed at the Hilton (not Garden Inn) in Times Square for a ridiculously low price since tourism was very low after 9/11.  As a child, I’ve been to Radio City Music Hall for a Rockettes show and have been to Rockefeller Center, Macy’s windows and FAO Schwarz.   

SOldIn other news… we sold the RV.  We arrived in Augusta Friday night, packed a few totes and then went out for a little bit that eve.  The next day, Halloween, we had the Jeep loaded up, signed the papers and then gave the new owners a run-down on everything inside and outside of the RV.  They’ve never owned an RV prior so they’ll probably have to ask friends in the campground to help from time to time.  I’m gonna miss that RV.  I absolutely loved it.  BUT, we’ll have more time available and definitely more cash flow.

We left a lot of the housewares and such as part of the RV sale deal.  We took home clothes, toiletries and the like which created many duplicates.  Jim and I spent a day integrating things into 1 residence.  Jim still has to deal with tools.  He’ll be busy. I have to deal with laptop cords, an ionizer, etc. 

Thanks for asking about my job.  It’s going well… I think.  I started 10/1 and it was 4 weeks of regular training and then 3 weeks of Authority Level training.  With the holidays in November they’ve extended it a little so I won’t finish up until the first week of December.  It’s been a lot of training.  My brain is full and I still have more to learn.


The leaves around town have been gorgeous.  The weather has been cold, then warm, then rainy, then warm, then cold, it’s just all over the place.

I feel like I’m forgetting something but I’ll hit the publish button and post in a new entry as needed.  Thanks for reading!