12-5-09 Saturday (What’s That Smell?)

By the way, the weather here in Pompano Beach has not been kind to the gals of New York.  It’s been rainy and just plain dreary since their arrival.  Sometimes, there would be occasional rays of sunshine breaking through the clouds which lead to loud squealings of “The sun is out!”.  Probably 5 minutes after the glorious discovery, the sun once again disappeared.  This happened many times throughout the weekend. 

Today was to be the day I’d be leaving.  I decided to stay another day.  I called Jim to see what was going on and he assured me I wasn’t missed it was no big deal and that I should stay.  I took him up on the offer and was glad I did because it was another day of pure fun!

Carolyn and Jodi started the day with exercise.  Michelle and I kinda missed it because she was making me breakfast.  Sure we could have went afterwards but, well, you know, leave me alone – I’m on vacation. 

2009-12-05 110 2009-12-05 111 Above: Take note of the burnt sliver of bacon up at the 11 o’clock position.  Just sayin’.

Let’s make an attempt at going to the pool.  What do you say Michelle?

2009-12-05 114 2009-12-05 115

Ummmm, maybe leave the boots in the condo?  Carolyn and Jodi tried to enjoy the 5 minute sun while Michelle and I went to the hot tub.  That hot tub was so over chemically treated, Michelle took TWO showers to get the chlorine smell off of her skin!  I just dealt with one shower and tried not to breathe.

2009-12-05 117 Above: What?  She’s got a towel on.

We lounged, we noshed and now it’s time to go to the newer Pirate Republic bar which was much better than the dumpy one.  This one was located in Lauderdale on New River.  I did quite a few tequila shots and drank several amaretto sours.   I sure felt good but oddly wasn’t overly drunk.  Highly buzzed perhaps.  I had an awesome time!  As is customary this weekend, here are some pre outing photos.

2009-12-05 131  2009-12-05 125 2009-12-05 126  2009-12-05 128 2009-12-05 129 2009-12-05 130

I know.  Just call me Charlie.  I felt like these were my angels. 

Here’s how the evening at the bar went:

2009-12-05 132Above: Carolyn and some strange guy.

2009-12-05 135Above: Carolyn and Michelle.

 2009-12-05 136

Above/Below: Michelle and family friend Mark.

 2009-12-05 137


 2009-12-05 139Above: From lower left corner: Michelle, Jodi, Carolyn, Stacey, and Jennifer (Mark’s sister)

 2009-12-05 140Above: Bartender

 2009-12-05 141Above: Michelle

 2009-12-05 142Above/Below: Carolyn 2009-12-05 145

2009-12-05 074 Mich Above: Prior to drunkenness. 

2009-12-05 078 MichAbove: I don’t remember this picture that much.  Jennifer, Michelle, Garret, Jodi, Carolyn, Stacey, Mark.

2009-12-05 086 Mich Above: Sure, why shots of tequila sound lovely.

2009-12-05 096 Mich Above: “Who you lookin’ at?”


  1. Garret, I'm so glad you had so much fun with your lovely lady friends. These ladies do indeed appear to be a lot of fun to hang about with. Thank you, as always, for sharing your adventures. :o)

  2. Looks like you had a great time! Love that "you want somma dis?" picture!

  3. You guys looked like you had a great time. Those creative writing classes in high school really paid off. Maybe I should have went instead of cutting out with Jodi. What a bad influence she was!! LOL

  4. I love your friends. They appear to like you for some reason. Oddly, I feel like I should be there, don't you? I love the flying birds and crotch grabbing too. You are the epitome of class!

  5. You would have fit right in. Besides you could have grabbed your crotch too.


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