12-4-09 Friday (Pirate Attack)

Apparently Jodi has become quite the fitness guru.  Off to the condo community's gym we went!  We all did 30 minutes cardio, some core, and weight training.  I can’t believe we started our day with going to the gym! 

Carolyn made an amazing breakfast.  Yum.  An omelet with tomato, and feta cheese.  I would never have made it like that, but it was awesome.  Accompanied by a fruit salad, and an english muffin, it was pretty good.

2009-12-04 027Above: Carolyn slaves in the kitchen.  Jodi supervises. 

2009-12-04 029

Jodi’s primary residence is in NY.  This condo is a vacation home for her and her father.  It’s a recent purchase so there’s not much furniture yet other than a dining set and TV the previous owner left behind.  I brought sheets, a pillow and a blanket but she had the air mattresses.  No couch yet so we did a little furniture shopping yesterday.  We weren’t very successful, but hey SOME of us are on vacation.

2009-12-04 035Above: Carolyn trying out the beds.   She might be pointing to the ceiling but why use her middle finger?

2009-12-04 032Above: Michelle ponders the meaning of life wonders when it’s OK to remove a mattress tag.

 2009-12-04 034  Above: Jodi wishes she had a TV here.

For lunch, it was agreed that a water front restaurant would be a great spot to dine.  Off to Shooters we went.  I ate hot wings.  I love hot wings.

2009-12-04 006 MichAbove/Below: Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Take your damn photo, I don’t care.  I have hot wings.  Mmmmmmmmm. 2009-12-04 007 Mich

2009-12-04 036 Above: The cast, clockwise from left: Jodi, Garret, Carolyn and Michelle.

2009-12-04 043 Above: Leaving Shooters.  I gotta pee.

Next destination.  Alcoholic beverages down at the beach!  Let’s go!  The first stop was the Pirate Republic (Pirate Bar).  The girls like going here when they’re in town.  I think the place is a dive but apparently the cheap beer and Bimini ring tossing game is a great attraction to them.  Argh matey.

2009-12-04 067

Let me tell you about beer.  I don’t like beer.  I’ve had sips here and there.  39 years later, I grabbed a Bud Light and drank it all.  Wasn’t too bad.  I felt so macho.  What do you think?

2009-12-04 012 Jodi

Oh the extra fingers up in the air thing.  Yeah, I’m still working on that.

2009-12-04 015 Jodi Above: OK, with this picture, do your best NY impersonalation of “How you doin’”.  Think Joey from Friends

2009-12-04 053 2009-12-04 054 2009-12-04 055 2009-12-04 056 2009-12-04 072 

Wild, aren’t we?

2009-12-04 027 Mich Above: Some guy walks into the bar – sounds like a joke.  OK, a guy walked up to us and said he’d sketch us for a dollar a person.  He was kinda like a bum I think.  Anyways, there’s the finished product.

2009-12-04 024 Mich Above: If you have ever wondered what taking a photo down the neck of a Bud Light would look like – look no further.  I’ve taken the mystery away for you.

Enough of the pirate bar.  Let’s have one drink at the Elbo Room and then go home, and get ready for dinner!

2009-12-04 040 Mich

Before dinner, it was necessary to have a photo shoot.

2009-12-04 082 2009-12-04 083  2009-12-04 085 2009-12-04 086  2009-12-04 088 2009-12-04 089 2009-12-04 090 2009-12-04 091 2009-12-04 092 2009-12-04 093

I’m sorry, I had to post all those photos.  I loved them all.

Dinner.  With my recommendation based on a past visit, we went to Bizaare Ave Cafe.  The service was weak.  The food was delicious.  Let me tell you what we ordered for appetizers (my blogger friend Chef Green will appreciate this):

Fried Pumpkin Ravioli: Pumpkin stuffed ravioli with sweet pecan and cinnamon butter.

2009-12-04 101

Toasted Bruschetta: French baguette rubbed with garlic oil, smothered with a Balsamic tomato salsa.

2009-12-04 104

Spanakopitas: Spinach and cheese wrapped in Phyllo dough, baked and served with a Tatziki sauce and dolmas.

2009-12-04 100

Carmelized Onion and Bleu Cheese Fun-Do: A rich marriage of Havarti, Gouda and caramelized onions baked off with a Bleu cheese crust. For dipping : apples, pears, grapes and flat bread will be served.

2009-12-04 103

3 out of 4 of us order entree’s.  We were stuffed.  We couldn’t eat the entree’s so we took what we could home.

2009-12-04 096Above: Jodi & Garret.

2009-12-04 095Above: Sisters (not like nuns or anything) Michelle and Carolyn.

2009-12-04 046 Mich Above: Michelle, Jodi, Garret, Carolyn.

What is it with leaving a restaurant and having to pee?

2009-12-04 049 Mich 2009-12-04 050 MichAbove/Below: Suddenly Michelle remembers she’s female. 2009-12-04 051 Mich 

We went home, dressed in our jammies (sort of), drank wine, cocktails, ate chocolate and fruit and lounged on Jodi’s couch floor.

2009-12-04 057 Mich 2009-12-04 053 Mich 2009-12-04 054 Mich 2009-12-04 055 Mich 2009-12-04 056 Mich

Sleepy.  Very sleepy…


  1. I LOVE the sketch/caricature & the down-the-neck-of-the-beer-bottle pic!

  2. What FUN TIME! Wahoo!! I'm cracking up at Jodi being on her tippy toes in the standing up pictures...

  3. @Norma: Cheesy crap is so fun.

    @Liz: Jodi kept yelling not to get her feet in the shot. I thought I hadn't but whoops. I kinda thought it looks like she was wearing heels and you just couldn't see the heel itself. Damn Liz, good eyes.

  4. Hilarious!

    I love: the food pics. Good job, feller.

    I adore: the girl peeing in the above/below photo. Hilarious.

    I think it's a hoot: The two pics you have with the guy in white in the background. In the first shot, he's all like..."crazy girls and gay man." In the second, he's all like..."BOOBS!"

    Also, you are very butch with your beer. These pics make me miss Florida something fierce!

  5. Oh- came back because I forgot to comment that the food looks and sounds heavenly. And I really love the beer inside the bottle pic- cool capture! Art critics would go nuts over it!

  6. This post is making me hungrey!
    You guys are crazy fun!

  7. Garret, I told you not to get my feet! Now I am being like MOCKED on a national stage! LOL I thought you would enjoy the use of the word "like" and "mocked" in the same sentence.
    Had an awesome weekend with you!
    You havent changed in over 3 decades!!! Love Ya!

  8. @Jodi: Ah well I didn't expect you to read the comments too. Like oops.


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