12-23-09 Wednesday (Join The Club)

Jim and I had lunch with our friend John.  We ate at the OasisI’ve mentioned this place previously.  I’m gonna miss it.  I’ve mentioned the club sandwich and all it’s goodness.  I’ll miss that.  Jim will miss their very unique Oasis Skillet.  It’s ham, cheese, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, onions and home fries all served in one personal sized skillet, topped with 2 basted eggs.  It’s divine.  I used to get that all the time.

2009-12-23 13Above: Owner’s Bonnie and Tammy.

 2009-12-23 11Above: The after photo of my club sandwich.  A before photo?  Ummmmm forgot.

 2009-12-23 12 Above: Our server.  She was friendly and had lots of glitter on her arms, and face.  I was expecting a big white flash blur.

After lunch, it was divide and conquer.  I visited with my mom and dad while Jim got a hair cut, did some shopping and had dinner with his grandmother.

Today’s off topic topic.  Club Cards.  Why?  Why, must I present a card to get a discount?  Local supermarket Publix just gives the sale to all customers.  No special club card needed.  I remember when buying something at Albertsons on a sale, a club card was needed just to make the price something reasonable.  I don’t mind having a card to earn points but not to get a discount on advertised products.  It’s just annoying.  Read these articles here about the scams.  Go to that website, dig around and you’ll be amazed at what supermarkets do to us.  They believe Kroger is the worst offender.  Albertson’s doesn’t look very good to me on item for item comparisons.



  1. I am a proud card carrying CASPIAN member.

    Get it? Card carrying?


    Publix rules. You're gonna miss it bad. I'll bring you some rotisserie chicken when I come visit.

    Sending love and wishes for a very merry Christmas to you, your mom {get well soon!}, Jim, and the animals.

    Love you Garret. Truly, madly, deeply.

  2. That's why I don't shop at Kroger any more than I have to. But we have Meijer up here. That's where Walmart got their Super Center concept from. But Meijer has better quality merchandise, and the best produce.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. yeah, we have those cards, too, to get a discount at some grocery stores. At Giant, though, if you don't have a card, they use theirs and you get the lower price. I like giant..... I get 10 cents a gallon off gas for every $100 I spend in the store. I let the points ride until near the expiration date and about $1 a gallon on a tank of gas.


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