12-17-09 Thursday (No Flight Airport)

There’s really not much to report.  Today was all about driving.  Of course, before we could leave, we used our handy dandy new ice scraper.

 IMG_0001 IMG_0003


We checked out of the hotel and headed for Avis to rent a Dodge Avenger.  By the way, what a quiet smooth riding vehicle it was.  The car included free Sirius-XM radio which was great for such a long drive.   We listened to 80’s and a lot of stand up comedy bits.

IMG_0013Above: Everytime I tried taking a photo of the uptown skyline, it came out badly.

Jim found out that the drop off location closed earlier than we’d be to it and they didn’t have a night drop box.  We dropped off at the airport location (open until 1am) and Jim’s grandmother came to pick us up at 10:30 at night.  What a life saver.

We unpacked and went to bed.  Tomorrow the first truck trailer arrives.  It will be a busy day.


  1. Get a good night's sleep!! Wishes for a smooth move in the morning!!

  2. When I saw the first picture of your fronted windshield (I only saw part of it when your blog opened up), I thought it was the world from space!

  3. Frost rocks!!!!

    Get used to it suckas.


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