12-03-09 Thursday (Jodi’s Birthday?)

image image Yesterday’s post had reader, Charleen, commenting “Darling, I am still waiting for you to inform us exactly what Jim is doing.”   Although I’m not real sure about her background, I read this phrase and immediately gave it a southern accent.  Julia Sugarbaker immediately came to mind.  If it didn’t happen for you, reread it again – we’ll wait.  Make sure there’s a long pause between “darling” and the remainder.   See what I mean?   I suppose I should answer the question.  Well, this is a part-time, temporary position for a friend.  Jim is assisting at a title company.  I think he files and runs errands.  Hopefully in the future he’ll be doing closings.  He spends many hours on the phone with short sale negotiators. Most of it is about being on hold though.  While on hold he twirls his hair, chews gum, and files his nails just like Mrs. Wiggins. 


I loaded up the BMW (what a fun car to drive) and hit the road to Pompano Beach.  I met Jodi, Carolyn, Roger and Stacey (Michelle & Carolyn’s dad and stepmom) at a restaurant (Bokampers) in Plantation.  Michelle would be flying in at midnight tonight. 

2009-12-03 004 Above: Clockwise: Roger, Carolyn, Jodi and Stacey.

After dinner we went to Roger and Stacey’s for some more visiting.  I spotted this on one of the shelves and then remembered that as a child, Carolyn modeled for this toy box.  Her family had a connection in the toy business.

2009-12-03 002

On the way to Jodi’s condo we stopped at Publix for a weekend supply of munchies.  $132.00 later of wine, beer, cheese, fruit, crackers, chocolates, oy.

  2009-12-03 006Above: Carolyn

Jodi, Carolyn and I went to Carrabba’s for dinner.  I had a chicken trio dish that was very good.  They messed up Jodi’s order and have her a free dessert.  For whatever reason, they served it with candles.

2009-12-03 010 Above: Jodi with her candle occasion cake.

2009-12-03 012 Above: Carolyn

We had time to kill.  It was to be several hours before we’d be picking up Michelle.  What better way to kill time than stop at the dollar store.  Oh, everything there is a $1.00.  What a nifty concept.

2009-12-03 014Above: Jodi and Carolyn killing time.

2009-12-03 013 Above: Jodi modeling $1.00 hats.

Carolyn was pretty quick to crash for the evening.  She had been up since 4 am for her early morning flight (which was majorly delayed) so she slept while Jodi and I stayed up to pickup Michelle for her 12:30 am arrival.  Another oy.  Michelle arrived without incident.  We returned to Jodi’s condo and snacked, laughed, and crashed.  G’night.

2009-12-04 017 Above: The girls “bedroom”.

2009-12-04 023Above: Jodi & Michelle.  Bed time!


  1. I LOVE THE PHOTOS!!! Everyone looks so happy. Even the toy box looks happy. And aren't you something for having friends in high-fashion-model places. Sounds like a fun time Garret. Wish I was there. By the way... your friends are extremely good looking.

    Oh, and Jodie's dessert? Jordan got one of those on his birthday last Wednesday at Carrabba's. It must be the designated free dessert - but man oh man was it good. Yes, I had a taste.

    I was really delighted that you mentioned two of my favorite places (Publix and Carrabba's) in your post. The only place missing was The Columbia.

    That last photo of you and Jodi and Michelle is hilarious. I miss you. Miss you, miss you, miss you.

    ♥ Alix

  2. It would have been said with a South African accent with a definate gay boy out.

  3. Thanks Alix. The Columbia was way too far away. Did I just saw way too far away? I had a blast. Jodi got to pick which dessert she wanted.

    Charleen, it's my fantasy so you must speak like a Sugarbaker. So there.

  4. Yum! Carrabba's! Now I'm hungry.
    I love free dessert! We give it out at my restaurant when it's somebody's birthday.

  5. Hey! I see an unintended shout out to MOI! The 3M Mailing Center! Wahoo! You are so subtle, G!

  6. Looks like a fun night!!!

    Hey Charleen, are you cheating on me? You are totally my South African hag! Hands off, Garret! LOL

    And also, I want one of those cakes with the candles in them. Now.


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