10-18-15 (Getting Smashed)

Wow.  It’s been a month since I last blogged.  I started my job on Thursday, 10/1.  The first 2 days were at a Marriot Courtyard.  They served us breakfast and lunch.  It was a day and a half of learning all about the company, who we are and what we do.  Several managers, including the site leader came in and taught/spoke about different principles that define our company.  The other half day we went over to our site for badges and to get trained on our company websites and such. 

The week after we were at my worksite and in a training room.  We’ll be in training for 7 weeks.

This weekend we’re in Augusta.  Last weekend we went to SCarowinds


So about that trip to SCarowinds…  It was Friday, 10/9, and we were in a fender bender.  Any type of accident sucks but this one was a no-one-was-hurt type.  Long story short.  There was a lot of traffic on the interstate.  We were going at about 30 in a 55.  The turn lane we needed to exit the interstate appeared.  We got into it and accelerated.  The Mustang in front of us, accelerated too and changed lanes into us.  In the photo below we represent the white car.  The cop got our side of it and there’s (separately) and said he couldn’t determine who was at fault so no one was getting cited.  I don’t know how he couldn’t have sided with us.  How does the other car get damage on the right rear quarter and us on the left front fender and it’s not their fault?????

So now, the insurance company gave us a choice of paying our $500 deductible but increasing rates or paying for the $2k repair bill ourselves.  WTF.


We really haven’t decided on what to do yet.  Stay tuned. 

2015-10-11 001

Also this weekend, we went up to see the leaves.  We went to Mount Mitchell, Little Switzerland, and road along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Break taking as usual.  Pictures don’t do it justice but here they are.

2015-10-11 003

2015-10-11 004

2015-10-11 005

2015-10-11 006

2015-10-11 007

2015-10-11 008

2015-10-11 009

2015-10-11 010

2015-10-11 011

2015-10-11 012

2015-10-11 013

2015-10-11 014

In other news, I think I’ve figured out I have bad luck with electronics even though I love them.  Recently, we needed a new microwave at the RV, TV at the RV.  Laptops.  Router (the new one has issues and I’m awaiting a replacement from Linksys).  A cell phone battery kept shorting out my phone.  That was fun to figure out.  Not.  My digital picture frame plug was overheating and tripping off.  Another hard one to figure out.  Our 5 year old LCD big living room TV is intermittently getting lines in the picture.  Ugh. There’s more and as I remember them, I’ll insert them into the list.