11-27-09 Friday (Excess Photos)

I awoke today (same groin pain) feeling as though I slept the night in stirrups at the gyno’s office.  Just for the record, I’ve never been to a gynecologist’s office – I’m simply theorizing so shaddup.

Animated Snowflake Jim looked through all the Black Friday ads yesterday.  Nothing we need; plenty we want.  There’s nothing we want or need that would make me camp out in line over night.  I’m sure it’s a thrill to some.  Maybe it propels them into the holiday spirit?  Whatever, I think it’s nuts.  If you go to Google image search and type “black friday lines” you’ll see ridiculous people both past and present.

imageAbove/Below: It’s hard to tell if these are Black Friday lines or job fair lines!   image

Hung Kitty Two phone calls later and the mobile repair guy has shown up and is talking to Jim.  I’m trying to stay out of it because I think I’ll get over angry and over excited about the situation.  He should have come over when we saw the water droplets.  Now if he wants to recreate the scenario he can haul his happy ass up on the roof with a hose and do it himself.  Jim just came back in.  Mobile dude said “sometimes that happens.  The awning needs to expand and contract so the threads will become tighter and if it’s not OK they make thread sealer.”  Jim told him we’re no novices to new awnings.  I guess Jim agreed to give it a chance.  Jim is going to call Carefree (awning company) and run it by them.  They’re closed today for the holiday.

image The good news is now that Thanksgiving is over, we can all start listening to Christmas music while we don our homes (or trailers) with holiday decor.  We’ve got our Charlie Brown Christmas tree up (not like it was hard to assemble), a lighted candy cane dangles from outside, and gel window clings.  We’re done.  We’ll enjoy everyone else’s decor.  I’m at peace with it, really.  I must tell you, this is year #2 in a row of not schlepping shit down from the attic, tripping breakers from excess outdoor lighting, or worrying about having a Christmas party.

camera-animated In keeping with the blog’s “unimportant pieces of information that you could really care less about” theme, I’m backing up our photos.  My big fear is losing 6,146 photos (not including video) that I’ve taken over our year long trip.  Yes, I did say over six thousand photos!  After they’re backed up, we’ll take them over to a relative’s house for safe storage.  I did back them up throughout the trip and periodically mailed them to Mike & Dave.  After taking so many photos, I can tell you that 1- It’s all important.  Take a photo.  It doesn’t cost anything unless you print them.  2- take photos of and with your family.  Here today, gone tomorrow.  You just never know!  3- Quit whining about not liking your photo taken; you know who you are.  Get over it.  Refer to reason #2.


We’re back from the gym!  I took a shower first so you wouldn’t get any noxious fumes.  We started out with core exercises and an arm work out.  ::grunt::  When our arms felt like spaghetti, we took a free 5 minute massage in the Shiatsu-type massage chair.  Ahhhhhhh.  An hour of cardio completed the gym work out.  Did you just get tired reading about that?  Good, good.  Relax now.  I’m happy to report that the elliptical machine leg movements eased my groin pain.  Once I sit my big ass down for a while, I’m sure it will feel bad again.


  1. I'm with you on your points 1,2,3 on taking pics and being in pics. Big time.

  2. I wish I could get my mojo back for exercising. I just flat out don't feel like it.

  3. I would LOVE to do a documentary where I track down and interview idiots who got into fistfights for a Cabbage Patch Kid (I witnessed one when I was 16, at my first job...two women probably in their early 30s duking it out; cops were called) or waited in line overnight in freezing rain for a Furby or a Tickle Me Elmo and ask them to explain their motivation and then reflect on if it was worth it.

  4. @Norma: Those people are just plain insane!

    @Joanie: I don't have it but Jim and I keep each other going. You need a partner.

    @Liz: Do you have people who cover their face with their hands or give stern warnings?


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