12-13-09 Sunday (Pink Eye In The Sky)

Of course it’s a cold 33 degree raining day.  Speaking with Mark yesterday, I was told this is strange weather for here.  Imagine that.  Some place we’ve gone to having strange weather.  Jim and I refer to this as the Unseasonably Whatever Effect.  It’s a common occurrence for us.  Bad weather, it follows us.  We’ve come to accept that.  We shrug it off.  It’s life.  I think it’s me though.  My trip to Pompano Beach was full of rain and dreary days which had me saying to the girls, “This is unseasonable strange weather for Florida.” 

Utilizing our entertainment.com subscription once again, we ate at Firehouse Subs.  We’ve never eaten at one prior.  It was OK.  As with most sub places, the meats don’t seem to be high quality.  Oh how I’ll miss Publix subs…  Mmmmmm.

2009-12-13 01

After lunch we viewed another 2 story rental.  We need a backup for the one we’ve filled out an application for.  Compared to the one we want, this one was lacking a few things.  Small shower, no fenced yard, and no bonus room (office nook).  It might have to suffice if all else fails.  It’s tough because we need to get all of this set up by Thursday, when we leave.  We’re just a little nervous because the management company gives a 5 day disclaimer.  I hope the management company processes the application quickly.  Lenders can do a credit check immediately, why can’t a management company?  We really don’t have 5 days.

2009-12-13 04

2009-12-13 02 2009-12-13 03 

We met Mark & Tom in person this evening.  We went to their condo in the early afternoon so that we’d have time to visit for a while, then see some of Charlotte via a driveby, and then have dinner.  Tom has to get up at 3 am for work so this was going to be an early evening. 

We arrived at the big pink (formally desert rose) high rise building where Mark and Tom live.  You can’t miss it.  It’s called The Arlington


I started my evening my partaking in one of Tom’s Sweet Tea Martini.  (I think that’s what it was called).  I’ve never had a martini.  This was yummy.  I had this on an empty stomach.  I became buzzed.  I talked a lot… so says Jim.  I thought I always talked a lot?  Mark drove us around showing us different areas of Charlotte.  Excellent tour guides.  They know Charlotte VERY well.  Back to the condo for some evening views from the 14th floor and up to the roof top for an even higher perspective of things. 

Here’s this evenings photos.  Warning, there’s a lot.  Mostly because Tim requested I take lots of photos of the area.

 2009-12-13 05 2009-12-13 06 2009-12-13 07Above: The Charlotte uptown city skyline barely visible in the gloom.  

2009-12-13 08Above: The pink building from the street.

 2009-12-13 09Above/Below: Views from Mark & Tom’s condo. 2009-12-13 10 2009-12-13 11 2009-12-13 12Above/Below: The driving tour begins 2009-12-13 13 2009-12-13 14 2009-12-13 15 2009-12-13 16 2009-12-13 17 2009-12-13 18 2009-12-13 19 2009-12-13 20Above:  Atherton, my last name.  Several places in this area had that name.  I’ll research this later on.

2009-12-13 21Above/Below: Back at the condo.  The sun was peeking out and created some nice visual effects. 2009-12-13 22 2009-12-13 23 2009-12-13 24 2009-12-13 25  2009-12-13 27Above: Mark didn’t want his picture taken.  As we get to know them better, I’m sure he’ll feel more comfortable about saying “Bitch, I’ll snatch that damn camera out your hands.”

2009-12-13 28Above: Sonny the cat checks us out.

 2009-12-13 29

Above: Mark & Tom’s orange tabby tree.

Mark and Tom took us to Zio’s for dinner.  I chose from a few different dishes and asked the server to surprise me.  I ended up with a delicious lasagna (I still love you Laurie) dish made with ground beef and lots of sausage.  The tomato sauce was such a deep red and very good.  I was impressed.  Jim had chicken and spinach cannelloni which he deemed as very tasty.  The server was very good too!  Not like tasty good, but service good.  Nevermind.  She was nice.  Good choice boys!

2009-12-13 32 2009-12-13 30

I’ve been meaning to mention the Sanitation Score at the restaurants.  I wish every state did this.  We’ve seen something similar in California.  Very impressive.  I found a link for Mecklenburg (our county) that allows us to search the scores of restaurants and see each note or infraction they had.  Even this place had a few

 2009-12-13 31

Now it’s time to walk Dasher in the unseasonably foggy damp cold air and then go to bed.


  1. What is it, with you guys and bad weather...since you left Florida, it has been beautiful here...oh well best of luck in your house hunting. So what is going to happen with this RV blog when you no longer live in an RV?
    Ken from Tampa

  2. I LOVE your friends' Christmas tree! Hoping you get all set w/the house you want ASAP...

  3. Maybe you are the long lost heir to the Atherton throne? Garret, King of Charlotte!

  4. I am LOVING that you guys are moving to Charlotte! Daniel and I will totally be crashing your shack soon. We love Charlotte and boozing in Charlotte and just boozing in general. You will adore us. We are also messy. That is all.

  5. It's ok Garret....Mine doesn't sausage in it so I don't feel threatened. Love you guys and I can't wait to visit y'all up there. I love the Carolina's and have visited a couple of areas, but not Charlotte. A book I just finished was based there so that was fun.

  6. What IS it about gays and pink houses? Pink anything? Jesus. I love pink! Does that make me gay? Does that mean we can get married now? Finally?

  7. Chef Green? Where's your love of Jacksonville? Show it sistah!

  8. Ok guys, I admit, I've only checked your blog out once or twice. But, I saw on Alix's pathe..er, fabulous blog that you two are actually MOVING to Charlotte.

    You do know I live in Charlotte, right? And Miss Chef cooks at a really fabulous and wonderful restaurant, right? I'm just sayin'...you might ask your hosts to drive you "all the way out" to Matthews to Santé. It's small and quiet and personal. And really, the food is quite good.

    I was going to offer guide services, but who am I fooling? I've only lived here 4 years, and don't have time to do my laundry, much less partake in a Hice-bashing therapy session which would necessarily ensue, amiright?

    Enjoy your stay, and good luck with your housing dilemmas!! I'll be looking forward to your taking this crap weather with you, too--for now.

  9. @Flartus: Awesome! I took a look at the menu for Sante. Looks interesting. Fancy smancy and so is the price tag. Perhaps when we're working OR when Alix comes for a visit!

    I'll add the restaurant website to my Charlotte bookmarks. Thanks.

  10. The house with the jogger running past his my favorite!


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