12-19-09 Saturday (Not So Shrimpy Light Shows)

Another day of moving!  Jim’s Dad, Terry, and friend Warren showed up for moving duty.  What a help that was.  4 of us emptying the storage units made for a productive day.  Grandma showed up again to assist as needed. 

 2009-12-19 01 2009-12-19 02 2009-12-19 03Above: “But there’s still room here.”

 2009-12-19 04 2009-12-19 05 2009-12-19 06Above: Jim and Terry

Phew!  Just about done.  Terry’s treat at Longhorn!  Yay!  After lunch, Jim and I went to Grandma’s to retrieve some of our crap treasures from her attic, then back to the truck to load them in.

 2009-12-19 07Above: “Enough pictures, get to work.”

 2009-12-19 08Above: We’re done.  We have maybe 10 more boxes at Jim’s mom’s to cram in here.  We’ll do that Sunday.

Dinner was at Shrimp Shack with Laurie and Pearl.  We picked them up, stopped by to see some musical Christmas houses and then went off to dinner.  I can’t believe there are at least 2 homes in the area that have synchronized lights and music into an awesome display.  I took some short videos and spliced them together:

It was Laurie’s birthday dinner combined with a farewell dinner for us.  We’ll see them again soon before we leave.  Thanks for dinner and mah-velous company girls!

Animated Christmas Tree

Christmas is right around the corner!


  1. A friend at church does the light-music thing and we went to see it last night. Took the kids out of the carseat, parked, let them sit up front with us and enjoyed the show! It was great fun!

  2. My god! you guys have a lot of 'stuff'!


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