12-21-09 Monday (Tree Kicking)

A new truck trailer was delivered to our outdoor storage unit.  The driver then went to the other storage facility and picked up the full one.  The hot tub movers (2 of them) with me and Jim’s assistance managed to get the hot tub out of the storage unit and up into a truck.

2009-12-21 01 2009-12-21 02

Using a PVC pole, and a large flat dolly, up it went.  4 of us lifting on one end managed it into the truck.  It’s huge, and it’s frickin’ heavy.  Oh and what you see in the photos is 6 inches on the left side to spare.

Shortly after the hot tub movers ($200) left, Mike, Dave and David showed up to help load the remainder of our treasures.  The 1st trailer was 100% used. We used  15 out of 28 feet of this trailer.

We took them out to lunch for a thanks – oh and we were all hungry too so I guess that worked out.

With the remaining time, Jim and I returned some unused packing supplies.  Let me first tell you about Big Lots.  The line at the return desk is also a checkout register.  The lines were long.  A man several positions ahead had a cart filled with a lot of DVD’s.  The special was 4 for $10.  I sighed silently.  Damn, he had a lot.  The cashier scanned each one fairly smoothly.  Jim commented, “Watch with our luck something will happen and she’ll have to rering them.”  It happened.  I kid you not.  He apparently did present some discount card ahead so she called a supervisor.  After a lengthy chat, it was decided it needed to be rerung.  Yeah.  We made our return.

Next, we head over to Uhaul to return some unused moving blankets.  The transaction went well but they had this really, really, poor excuse for a Christmas tree.

 2009-12-21 11

Gold and silver garland – you can look at it 2 ways.  There’s not enough OR there’s too much of it.  Red ribbons, some go al the way down, some not.  The entire tree has maybe 12 ornaments.  The tree should have about 200-300 lights, it had maybe 50 and on one side only. 

Once up at the counter, I said to the clerk, “I’m sorry but I have to tell you, that is the most pitiful tree I’ve ever seen.”  She agreed with me.  She said that the employees had no interest (maybe more so the business seem to lack the decorating funds) and an angry customer kicked it over the other day… in front of a child.  Therapy for sure.


  1. Poor little tree!! Kicked over? At least the red ribbon gives it some merryment...

  2. So when do you two get to relax in your new home with fat free eggnog and carrot sticks to celebrate?

    Nancy in Iowa

  3. Jesus, that is one hell of a hot tub!

    Ken from Tampa

  4. @Mom L: Carrot sticks and fat free. Mmmmm nah.

  5. I wish I had a hot tub like that. I'd be in it every night... especially these last couple of weeks. I'm sore AND tired!

  6. OoOoh! Hot tub! I was in a hot tub for the first time a few months ago (Yes, I've lived a sheltered life!)

    And that tree is pretty bad... but it's better than my house! My Mom didn't put up a tree this year because our entire first floor got repainted last week.


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