12-16-09 Wednesday (Gardenless Tub)

Today has been a whirlwind of activity.  As usual, breakfast here at the hotel room.  Later at lunch time we went to the Concord Mills mall and had Nathan’s.  Mmmmmm. 

2009-12-16 03 2009-12-16 02 Above: Food court has a carousel.

Jim called the property management company and asked if there were any holdups we could assist with.  One outstanding.  She needs to verify our previous mailing address with Jim’s mom.  Jim resolved that quickly.  In just a couple of hours the lease would be ready.  In the meantime, it was off to the bank for cashier’s checks.

Once at the property management company, Cindy went over the lease, gave us keys, and a walk through checklist.  At the new house we went over our checklist, and unpacked some winter clothes to the closet.  There’s no sense and taking it all back to Florida when we can essentially leave whatever we want here.

Here’s a walkthrough of the rental:

Rental Video tour

Here’s some still photos:

2009-12-16 04 2009-12-16 06Above: Gas fireplace turns on with the switch you see on the right.

2009-12-16 07Above: Standing in the dinette.  The stairs are behind me.  The family room/great room with fireplace is to the right.  The backyard is through the French doors.

 2009-12-16 08Above: The bonus room is straight ahead.  A guest room to the right of it.  The double doors to the left are the washer/dryer.  The stairs to the right.  Behind me are the other 2 bedrooms and guest bath.

 2009-12-16 09Above: Guest bath.

 2009-12-16 10Above: Jim stands in the master bath garden tub.  Look how spacious!

 2009-12-16 11Above: Backyard.

 2009-12-16 13 Above: The back of the house.

Jim and I both tackled the utility hookups.  Thanks to our nifty credit, no deposits!  Yay!

Tomorrow (Thursday) we park the BMW at the house and leave it here.  We get a rental from Avis, drive to Fort Myers, a full day of driving.  Friday the first of the moving truck shows up.  We’ll be busy for a good part of the day.  I’ll fall behind on the blog… I’m sure.


  1. i love the place it looks great! dasher is going to love the backyard once the spring comes!

  2. Wow! This is happening fast!!

    Fantastic backyard- Dasher will be a happy pup. Looks like a nice space to entertain, too.

    Love the upstairs laundry.

    Great tour!!

  3. What a GREAT tour!! I love your new home. The backyard is wonderful for dasher. I'm so happy for you that you found a great place....good luck with the move. Sharon

  4. Looks like a great house!

    This is going to take some getting used to though (for me). I'm used to your rambling ways.

  5. I love the house, and did I hear you say "guest" room???? =:0) Anyway, I love two story homes, and this one is great. Now we'll enjoy seeing what type of permanent residence to choose. See you soon

  6. Midget access!!! Hilarious.

    I love the new digs. How nice that you have a home on an actual foundation and not a wheelbase for a change.

    Can't wait to visit. Hope I don't have to fight you for the princess canopy bed.

  7. I have to echo everyone else: that backyard is great. Looks like a blank canvas for you. And I don't know if you've ever had a gas fireplace, but I had one in Vegas and it put out a surprising amount of heat. I mean, it wouldn't make a dent in the cold in a place like Wisconsin, but I bet you'll enjoy it. Looks like things are moving right along for you :)

  8. Thanks everyone. And yes, if we set things up just rights by utilizing the bonus room, we'll have 2 guest rooms more or less.

  9. MarkandCraiginTennesseeDecember 17, 2009 at 6:31 PM

    Excellent tour! Very nice house and I, too, will miss your rambling ways!

    What are the plans for the RV? Occasional trips? Hopefully you guys will still be RVers!

    Mark and Craig

  10. Impressive...here's wishing you, the best of luck in your new home.

    Ken from Tampa

  11. @Mark & Craig: We'll probably get an annual site at Starlite so we can annoy Mark & Tom. :-) I've like to do weekend getaways.

  12. You picked a lovely home! Aren't you afraid you'll get dizzy staying in one place so long?

    Nancy in Iowa

  13. @Mom L: Well, hopefully they'll be plenty of weekend getaways and vacations.

  14. I'm playing catch-up here.

    Love the new house! Can you do that tour again, after you have all your stuff moved in?


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