12-30-11 Friday (Choosing A Door)

On Monday I had off for observance of Christmas.  Jim had to work.  I grocery shopped, did laundry and cleaned the house.   I got over to Ikea for a hell of a hanger deal:


I had to buy 2, put them in the car and then come inside for another 2.  They’ll work rather nicely in our coat closet.

Later in the afternoon, Grandma came.  She’ll be here for a week.  We had corned beef and cabbage from the crockpot and then strolled Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens.  I couldn’t get many photos because Christmas light photography requires a tripod and I was more interested in enjoying the lights rather than photographing them.  I swiped some photos off the internet to give you a general idea:




Here’s a few photos I snapped:

2011-12-26 008Above: Grandma and Jim

2011-12-26 010Above: A big tree made of orchids.

2011-12-26 011Above: Grandma and Jim

2011-12-26 015Above: Jim and me

On Tuesday, it was back to work for me and into training.  It was very boring.  Today’s lesson focused mostly on the “type” of customer I’ll be working with.  If I had to hear the word “affluent” one more time, I think I’d scream.  It’s even more annoying when it’s been pronounced as “a-flu-ent” rather than “af-lu-ent”.

Dinner at 300 East.  Yum.  We’ve been there several times and most of the time service has been slow.  Tonight it was spot on and the best experience there ever.  Jim warned the server that he’d be high maintenance with diet soda.  She hooked him up:


Grandma went to use the rest room.  Jim and I watched her look at the doors to figure out which restroom was which.  This is a fairly classy place so this is an unexpected:


Notice the male designation?  Grandma giggled.

Wednesday it was stay at home and enjoy a crockpot of Bean Soup.  Yum.  The recipe is here.  Jim and I caught up on several episodes of Ringer.  Anyone watching that show?

Thursday a trip to Cheddar’s for some yummy dinner followed by more TV show catch up.

Friday.  A nice short day at work.  We finished ahead of schedule and were allowed to leave at 10am!  This was a nice surprise.  I have the weekend off and start my new position on Monday.  I’m still waiting to hear back about the weekend off shift bid that I place but am hoping I won. 

Grandma and I went to Ikea.  There was a deal on champagne flutes, 4 for 99 cents!  We bought 14.  The limit was 12, I got those and Grandma got an extra 2 in her order.


We have so many… now what? 

So lastly I have another pronunciation complaint from work.  Beneficiary pronounced as “ben-a-fishery”.  Ugh.

12-25-11 Sunday (Trashed Christmas)

Friday after work, Jim and I headed to Red Robin for dinner then drove to Mooresville to partake in some slot car racing at Race City Raceway.  This was a Groupon purchase Jim made.  We had fun but got bored fairly quickly.  There were 3 tracks and I was disappointed the big major track was being used for a club/team racing event type thing.  I was further disappointed that we can't just switch tracks.  I understand why because of colors and such but maybe allow swap out colors/tracks at the half way point.  I think keeping it fresh may have made me speak more favorably about it.  For now, we'd never go back.

The track we used.

We stopped off at the Concord Mills Mall to get Jim a new phone holster at Bestbuy.  It got caught on the race track and snapped off.    We're going back to the mall Christmas Eve for our traditional "we don't need to be at the mall but enjoy getting in the last minute shopper's way while we enjoy cookies and people watching" event. And that we did.

I worked Christmas Eve, but not a full day.  I left early.  The phones were slow so I was kind of bored.  I didn't have anyone nearby to socialize with.  I'm glad to have a smartphone.   Words With Friends, Scrabble, Pandora Christmas music, and Facebook kept me entertained.  Then I got bored again and decided to blog.

For Christmas day we were invited to Beth’s house.  On the way out of the neighborhood, Jim spotted this at the end of the street:

2011-12-25 002
They threw out their tree on Christmas day?  A little overzealous?  Maybe they were going out of town for a while?  Odd.

Dinner at Beth’s was awesome.  We had a great time intermingling with her family.  We already knew some of her family as well as our other friend Ruby and Jamie.

2011-12-25 022Above: Ruby & Garret

2011-12-25 005Above: Ann (Beth’s sister) cuts up the beef tenderloin.

2011-12-25 006Above: Hostess, Beth.

2011-12-25 011Above: Ruby makes Grasshoppers.  Yum!

2011-12-25 020Above: Beth’s brother, David, grill master.

2011-12-25 021Above: I only remember some of the names so I won’t attempt it.

We ate so much.  We had so much fun.

12-19-11 Monday (Floaters)

imageOn Saturday night, we used a Groupon (surprise!) at a local restaurant, FireWater.  I had the NY strip which was both seasoned and cooked very well.  Jim had the Sirloin Oscar (Fire Grilled sirloin with loaded whipped potatoes, blue crab, asparagus, and sauce bĂ©arnaise) which he enjoyed and was impressed that the sirloin was so tender.  We’ll be back, besides we have one more Groupon.  It was almost a perfect dining experience except that we had empty glasses, empty plates and wanted our check for too long.  I think our waiter took a meal break and the woman covering for him didn’t do her job until Jim asked her for the check.  We were pretty annoyed.

imageAnother work oriented dream of mine may possibly be coming to fruition.  I recently got the 9:00 to 5:30 shift but still work Saturdays.  They’ve released a shift bid for the same hours with weekends off.  For some reason I can’t see the bid.  Each time I ask about why I get a different answer.  I’ve been told it’s because I just got a new schedule and not eligible for 90 days.  I was given that new schedule, I didn’t bid on it and besides, the other 6 people who got the same schedule assigned can see the bid, why not me?  I was told not to worry, they system won’t take their bid.  I was also told because I’m going to Premier and they have different schedule bids.  OK, then why is one of my coworkers who is going to Premier getting access to it?  For each excuse they give me, I have one too.  So they told all the people who recently changed shifts (7 of us) that we weren’t entitled to the new schedule.  OK, fine, I’ll be grateful for what I got.  A day later, a supervisor emails 6 of us (left me out!) that we are eligible for the shift bid.  Great.  I still can’t see it.  I asked her why I was left out, she said she didn’t know I was one of the people who got a new schedule.  Then the Premier excuse came up again.  Naturally, I kept pushing and they’re looking into it.  For the weekend off bid, I’m fairly certain I will win 1 of the available 2 shift bids they’re offering.

imageI took today off as a floating holiday (FH) to make up for Thanksgiving.  First I was told I’d get a FH then not, then yes, then no.  Another thing I had to keep pushing for.  Management had various difference of opinions.  Yes, I know, another “situation” with work.  I’m not sure what the continuous problems are but I have to stay on top of it otherwise I think I’d get screwed… and not in a good way.  Upper management had to get involved in editing my schedule to accommodate the day off.  Sigh.

On Sunday, Jim and I hosted brunch.  We had 5 guests: Deanna, Ruby, Jaime, Erin and Josh.  It was potluck style and very yummy.  Quiche, sausage balls, waffles, sausage, mimosas and Bloody Marys.  Did I mention yummy?  I had a great buzz going which caused me to forget about taking many photos.  Ooops.  It was fantastic visiting with friends before the holidays.

2011-12-18Above: Jim, Josh and Erin

Sunday evening our new Select Comfort, Sleep Number bed arrived.  They took the old mattress and box spring, set up the bed, and were out of here quickly.  I didn’t wait for my side to adjust before setting Jim’s side which apparently interrupted my first commands.  I thought my side seemed awfully firm (I wanted 35) but I slept on it anyways.  Jim was at a 45.  This morning, I was sore.  I slid over to his side thinking something is wrong and his side seemed softer.  Well that’s odd, his side is softer yet mine is set to be softer.  I grabbed the remote and found mine was at 65 or 70 or something like a rock.  Ooops.


12-14-11 Wednesday (Close The Open Kitchen)

Wow, so many little things to talk about.  Little tidbits of useless information.  Sometimes I jot things down or snap photos and think, “I gotta remember to blog about that.”

Our washing machine has a delay start.  I actually use it and now more than even with my new hours.  I throw a load in before work, set it for 8 hours and come home to freshly washed clothes that I just have to throw in the dryer.  I have to admit, I thought a delay start was weird at first.

I started my new 9-5:30 hours this week.  Our friend, Mike, from work, also got the same shift.  His other half Billy also works with Mike and I but had a great schedule from the beginning.  As a matter of fact, on a side note, he was in one of the classes that started after us that got a better schedule and caused a lot of us to question management about the unfairness.  Back to the story… the new shift is wonderful!  Not too early, not too late.  In fact, the day seemed to have went faster.  Maybe more people around us, or the daylight, not sure what did it but I’m thrilled.  For a celebration, well not really, Monday after work, Mike, Billy, Jim and I had dinner at our house and then went to McAdenville.   It’s a small town that decorates that town very well for Christmas.  You can drive through their town and enjoy the lights.   I included the link about their 56th year doing this, and all the other FAQs that you might be interested in.  It’s free and the traffic was very doable on a Monday night.  Night time Christmas light photos are tricky to get so I swiped some photos off the internet:



Our Sleep number bed is scheduled to be delivered Sunday.  They told us 3 weeks so I’m pleased it will be earlier than that.  I think it’s the whole under-promise and over-deliver thing.  Works for me.

On Thursday they had me move desks.  It took me 2 hours.  Armful by armful I carried my stuff across the building.  That day I was also off the phone for a 2 hour “end of year celebration”.  I think that was a politically correct way of saying “Christmas party”?  They catered in Olive Garden lasagna, salad and breadsticks which was tasty.  The people who were scheduled off that day got… the shaft.  2 hours off the phone is golden but unfortunately those who missed out don’t seem to get a “make up day”.  We did all get red leather 2 pocket letter holders with our logo imprinted on the front.  A letter holder?  Merry Christmas. 

2011-12-15 004

I’ve told you that 10,000 employees work at this one facility alone so I can only imagine the cost involved in Christmas gifting.  I just felt as though the letter holder was a miss.  Who keeps letters/envelopes?  With internet bill pay (which our bank offers and makes this gift ironic) I have to wonder what next years gift would be?  I know, a stone tablet and chisel.  An abacus.  I must admit, sitting here and thinking of something in a similar price range for tons of different people is tough.

Speaking of Olive Garden, we love it.  Many a friend has been down on me for enjoying a chain Italian restaurant but I must admit, I do like their cream sauces.  I save my red sauce orders for local Italian restaurants.  So, we had a Groupon for a local restaurant called “Open Kitchen”.  Friday night we went.  It was horrible.  The lasagna was 90% cheese with a small square of crap in the middle of the bowl it was served in.  The sauce tasted sweet or something.  It was the worst spaghetti sauce I’ve ever had.  Reading reviews about it, people were commenting they thought it was nutmeg or cinnamon.  Ewwwww.  When we went to pay at the register, Jim presented his Discover, the old man accepted it, said we don’t take Discover and TOSSED it down on the counter.  It took all Jim had not to tell the man he sucked as much as the food did.

The problem with Jim and Groupons is that a lot of times it’s an impulse buy and we don’t research about it.  Well, I researched after the fact for this blog and found many negative and somewhat amusing reviews.  People can be so creative.  If you want to see a few, click here.  I read Jim some of the humorous reviews and found out that the owner (assumed owner) grumbled about the economy and how no one pays with cash anymore and about Groupons.  That man is very lucky I didn’t hear that shit coming from his mouth.  What a foul place.  So let me tell you how I really felt…

A few more miscellaneous pokes about this place, grated cheese sits in a shaker on the table as if you’re at a pizza joint.  At least Olive Garden and other Italian chains offer fresh grated cheese.  We watched the bus boy clear a table, shake off the table cloth and then flip it over.  Is this normal?  Is that even Health Department approved?  Ugh.

2011-12-16 005


2011-12-16 006

12-11-11 Sunday (Ugly Sweaters)

The other night, Jim and I stopped at a grocery store.  In the plaza was this place:

Sure enough, looking inside we saw shoes on one side and electronics on the other.  What a weird combination.  Perhaps husband and wife desperately desired their own business but they couldn’t agree?  By the way, are shoes or electronics from NY different than other parts of the country?  It reminded me of an excerpt from a blog entry while in Roswell:


Jim bought a Groupon to see a movie at the Gem theater in Kannapolis.  The coupon was to expire soon so we went to see the Muppets.  We’re not a big fan or anything, it’s just that it’s a one screen theater so choices are limited.  It was an interesting theater.

2011-12-04 003

We decorated the tree back on the 3rd but I kept forgetting to blog about it.  Typically, Jim decorates the exterior enough to win neighborhood awards.  This year he said he wasn't going to do anything because we just spent so much time decorating the new house and it was time to relax.  He decided some Christmas cheer was needed.  Jim decorated and lit up the outdoors WITHOUT over-doing it.  It came out nice and at some point I'll try to catch some night photos.

2011-12-03 001Above: Usually we have 2-3 Christmas trees.  This year, just one with our "travel ornaments" and other childhood favorites.

We were invited to my coworker's Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.  Some said it was supposed to be an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party but the order of the words was presented as the underlined version.  I took it to mean any ugly sweater and that's what we did.  Goodwill, here we come!

I don't have a picture of the sweater Jim wore although you'll see him wearing it later in this post so stay tuned.  The 2 sweaters I chose are shown below.  I actually wore the one on the right and gave the one on the left to a coworker who needed an ugly sweater. 


Below: A group photo from the party.  What a fantastic theme!  I'm jealous I didn't think of it.
2011-12-11 041

Below: Jim and I in our super sexy sweaters:2011-12-10 010

Below: Host Josh, Hostess Erin
2011-12-10 025


When I move into my new position, I'll be a cubicle away from a window view.  Unfortunately, here's the view:


On Sunday we went to the mall.  I spotted this man in a purple hat, shoes and pants "complimented" by a full length white fur coat.  Really.


Jim has a lot of headaches and goes through pillows like there's no tomorrow.  I talked about all that in a previous blog posting here.  Me?  I have mysterious back pain that is attributed to a fat gut, poor posture or who knows what.  X-rays never determine anything so I really don't know.  What I do know is that I sometimes have excruciating pain after certain circumstances.  As we walked around the mall, I was having severe pain.  Jim spotted the Comfort Select, Sleep Number bed store and wanted to check out some new pillow they offered.  An inflatable pillow!  I have said several times that would be a great product so that you could adjust the firmness and it wouldn't wear out.  Being a savvy salesperson, Liz, asked me how our current bed was to which I replied, "It sucks.  It has a sink hole in the middle the size of the Grand Canyon and any attempt to slide toward the middle of the bed results in a black hole suction effect that demands I return to my prior position.  We have a hard time justifying the price of one of these beds,” etc etc.  Liz was surprised and said, “tell me how you really feel.”  We tried out various pillows and beds and eventually decided on the P5 model.  It’s definitely an investment.  We got 12 months no interest… Jim was nervous, it’s a big chunk of change.  I just hope it’s as great as I’ve convinced him that it should be!  I’ll talk more about it later or as pieces arrive.

Now you’re all caught up!

12-6-11 Tuesday (The Good, The Bad, The Whiners)

Before I get started, I must say that to tell my story, I’m going to be vague.   I’m not sure who reads the blog so I’ll change some names here and there.  With all that being said:

Financial Institution pays incentive close to Nov 15.  On Nov 16, mine did not arrive.  I inquire with coworker who confirms it was actually paid Nov 5.  Awww crap.  For a few days I email my boss and his boss.  Everyone is working to correct it, blah blah blah.  I’m eventually told it will be paid Dec 9.  Huh?  Why the long wait?  We get paid every 2 weeks, we’re “off cycle” and no one can get it done.  It’s againt company policy to get an incentive check “off-cycle”.  By Nov 29  I escalate this issue several times more.  Eventually going to my boss’ boss’ boss.  She says, “We have 60 days to pay an incentive per <such and such a document>.”   So much for the human touch.  Let’s just spew off company policy loopholes, shall we?   “We’re a big company and there’s a lot of red tape to get a check off-cycle.”   Did she just throw that card out at me?  So what you’re saying is it’s a lot of work and you’re just not worth it?   I was VERY unhappy.  I walked away from her, red-faced. 

I consulted with my friend Deanna and little can be done about incentive checks.  I can’t believe laws, government or whatever only protects basic pay but they walk away from incentive, bonus, etc.  Nice.

I went to lunch and discovered from coworkers that the same issue occurred with coworker Jane.  She didn’t get an incentive check either but they corrected it on the Nov 25 check.  I called Jane and verified the information.  I was irate to say the least.  Why’d she get hers and I didn’t get mine?  I left work early in what I’d call a tizzy. 

The next day (last Wednesday) I was off.  I called Human Resources.  The automated prompts were enough to scare an employee away.  They were long with many, many choices per number.  Any moment I expected to hear silly options like, “if you are an employee who pole dances on weekends dressed as a midget woman, and have a complaint, press 956.”


So, Edith from HR answers.  I tell my story.  She says, “I was out on leave for a while and I’ve been waiting for my pay for a month and a half.”  Is she making this shit up?  Am I supposed to give her a hug?  Seemed unprofessional but I let it slide.  I mean, who does an HR person complain to when they receive bad treatment?   I continue on.  In between my various statements, it sounds like Edith is doing the crying sniffle thing.  You know, the holding back the full blown cry sorta thing.  I continue thinking maybe she has a runny nose or something.  I point out the fact the another employee, Jane, was in the same circumstances and that I was treated differently.  Edith reminds me that I’ve made a very serious accusation.  Damn right.  I hear sniffling again.  “Edith, are you crying?”  “I’m so sorry, this is so unprofessional of me.”  “It’s OK, no worries.  Was it something I said.”  “I’m so sorry, it’s just that you <something about an employee being wronged by a company>”  I was flabbergasted.  I got off the phone and called Jim.  I felt guilty.  What should I do now?

The next day I arrive at work and am asked to talk to my boss and his boss.  Oh boy.  I’m assured that there was no ill intent.  Boss’ boss explains that she dropped the ball and didn’t follow the incentive schedule of events correctly and missed the deadline to rectify issues and that unfortunately an off cycle check wasn’t possible.  I received many an apology as well on a personal level.  Although my incentive check never arrived earlier than I was told, I retracted some of my complaints with HR.  And no, I didn’t speak to Edith again. 

Now for some good… I was informed Monday that me and several coworkers will receive early shifts.  It’s another HR nightmare that I wasn’t a part of.  You see, while being interviewed and in training we were told as people moved up, more desirable shifts would come available.  So they hired a new class with morning hours and our “class” was upset that were weren’t offered that.  We were told things like, “don’t worry, they won’t get those hours, they always post it like that.”  We backed down and when the newest class completed training, they had the morning hours.  We were again upset.  A few months later, another job posting spoke of morning hours.  Many in my class called HR and filed multiple complaints.  The new class was given evening hours and we were told we’d have some of the morning schedules available to us but based on performance.  Some of us were still upset while I wasn’t worried.  My performance was very high and I felt confident I’d get the new schedule.  A month later my boss’ boss held a focus group meeting and we were invited to voice our concerns, suggestions, opinions, if any.  The schedule was brought up and we were told sometime in December but the spots would be limited.  We’d have to “requalify” to be considered for it.  Huh?  I already qualified so now I have to make sure I remain in the top percentile to qualify.  Ugh.  Luckily, as I said, I received the new schedule and it’s effective this Monday!  9:00 to 5:30 with the same days off: Wednesday and Sunday.  Still no weekends but a definite improvement.  Jim and I will be able to enjoy dinner together once again!

My place sounds like an HR nightmare, I know.  If you knew the other 5 stories I have, you’d wonder.  They’re not all stories about my company, but of the individual screwed up people that used to work for us or still do.  They range from how do they still work here to how’d they make it that far?  Our class started with 17 or 18 and we’ve lost 6.  I’ve made great friends from our class.  I’m bummed some are gone and glad others didn’t quite make it.  I feel compelled to break out into Lion King song with “Circle of Life”.  Elton would NOT be proud though.

11-27-11 Sunday (Birthday Gifts)

Recently Jim and I went for a deep tissue massage.  It was a birthday gift from him.  Yesterday we went on a Charlotte Segway tour which was another gift from that same birthday.  Truth be told, we don’t exchange gifts for holidays or our birthdays but this year I think it was a good excuse to justify these Groupon purchases. 

We had a 4pm reservation with Queen City Segways.  After a short tutorial, well a very short tutorial since we’ve rode Segways in DC, we were on our way with 6 other people.  We had a great time riding them.  The tour itself wasn’t all that great.  It was difficult to hear the guide, Luke, there wasn’t that much information anyway.  I think it was more about riding the Segways, enjoying the views and the perfect weather we had.  We did get to see some areas of Charlotte that we haven’t see before.  While going through a cemetery we saw a grave for a slave.  Another tombstone’s epitaph read something about being killed by a lion.  Neat stuff.  Here’s some photos and videos of our adventure:

2011-11-27 004

2011-11-27 001

2011-11-27 002

2011-11-27 003


11-25-11 Friday (Hiding Merchandise)

On Sunday, Jim finished up the guest rooms and our bedroom:

2011-11-20 006Above: Master bedroom

2011-11-20 001Above/Below: “Twin” Room.2011-11-20 002


2011-11-20 003Above: “Queen Room”

We also stopped into Sam’s Club to see if we should renew our membership.  They don’t carry much of what we buy at BJs so we didn’t renew.  While there, we witnessed people lined up for samples.  Yes, lined up.  Get a life people.

2011-11-20 007

I was out in the backyard and spotted a goat.  Yes, I said goat.  We saw 3 of them through the now bare trees of in the distance.  We got the binoculars and confirmed. 

2011-11-24 029

2011-11-24 029

Outside of our neighbor are some private homes with large properties.  One has horses so I’m guessing this is what we’re seeing.  Funny.

If you don't remember, I work for a bank.  I'm a phone banker.  A product specialist would be the fancy title.  I open accounts and take loan applications.  On Friday I applied for the next level up, a Premier Banker.  A little more money, a prestigious title, and some more product knowledge such as IRAs.  I had to interview for it.  As of today's blog entry I made the cut.  I'll actually start that in late December.

Thanksgiving was awesome.  Jim's dad, his girlfriend Julie and Grandma came Wednesday (from FL).  On Thanksgiving we all cooked.  I did this, someone did that, it was great teamwork and we had fun.  Wine always helps too.  hic.

Actually we started with mimosas.  The champagne bottle cork was amusing:

2011-11-24 022
In the early afternoon, Jim's brother John, wife Tonia and 6 month old Colton arrived.  Oh and their 2 dogs too.  Dasher enjoyed the canine company (a little too much) and Clea just fled for her life.  7 adults, 1 newborn, 3 dogs, 1 cat... full house.

2011-11-24 0302011-11-24 026
We needed a few supplies so off to Walmart we went.  Surprisingly empty.  Cashiers waited for customer to come to them.  I felt guilty going there but when I remarked to the cashier about having to work, she was happy to do so and needed the holiday pay.  The store was setup to handle Black Friday.  Pallets of stuff were wrapped with signs forbidding sale.

I was actually scheduled to work Thanksgiving.  I swapped with Mike and took his Wednesday instead.  Jim had off and took today (Black Friday) off in addition.  Sometime during holiday relaxation Jim made a list of Black Friday deals he wanted.  We never do Black Friday.  It's crazy.  People are insane.  Boycott the businesses that make their employees work.  Say yes to family time.  Etc, etc, etc  He asked if I wanted to go and so I did.  Crazy?  Yeah very.

Some Walmart deals started at 10pm and others at midnight.  Yes, on Thanksgiving.  Poor employees who have to gobble (funny I know) down their food, nap and go into work.  It sucks and I contributed to that.  But how many employees preferred that?  Dunno.  Anyway, we arrived at 10:30, no parking anyway.  Having a Jeep with 4 wheel drive is handy.  We hopped the curb and parked in a field.  It worked.

The parking lot was nuts and the inside of the store, well that was just out of control.  There were no carts available.  We couldn't find anything we wanted on our list except for 1 desk chair (we wanted 2).


Black plastic covered pallets were all over the place.  Walmart personnel guarded the pallets until midnight.  Guards and support people were all over the place.  With 1 chair in hand we made it to the checkout.  Every register was open but naturally the line we chose seemed to have had someone who was attempting to hack the IRS' computer system through the use of a credit card terminal.  I have no idea what the issue was.  We made it out!

We went to Target.  The advantage here was the while there was a line wrapped around the outside of the building, it wasn't too long, they opened at 12, it was 11:35 so the wait wouldn't be so bad, the store was closed so the line of people was manageable.  It was an organized splendor.  Shopping carts were aligned inside the store so that we could civilly grab a cart.  The savage beast brewed from within.  On Jim's list was $5 scarves that he thought he'd pickup for his Grandmother.  It was close to the entrance and he grabbed them as though he was on some 60 second shopping spree.  Meanwhile, I spot a Playstation 3 for $200.  It's a good deal, but I already have one, but it's a good deal.  I grab it.   Jim catches up with me and questions why I took one.  Well, maybe family members back at the house want it for that price or someone else?  I dunno.  I can always return it.  It's the thrill of the hunt... I think.  Maybe the thrill of the successful hunt?  Anyway, we got way too much stuff there.  I plea insanity. 

Because Target wasn't apparently enough, off to Old Navy we went.  Jim picked out some jeans for $15 each.  The checkouts had 5 of 8 registers open.  2 lines went from the front to the back of the store.  Hell no.  Jim "hid" the stuff he picked out and planned to return on Friday to get his stuff.

Jim's family departed Friday morning.  Jim had the day off and went shopping.  I went to work.  I don't know if I could have handled more shopping so I guess it was for the best that I didn’t go.

UPDATE: Jim did get the jeans he wanted.  He had hid them behind a stack of jeans as far as he could reach.