12-10-09 Thursday (Welcome! or not)

Look out Charlotte, here we are!  We’ve arrived.  No parade.  No music.  No salutes.  Screw all you too! 


We got in a little after 4 pm.   We checked into our Suburban Lodge extended stay home for a week.  It’s a nice place.  It’s smaller than when we stayed in a Salt Lake City Studio 6.  Strange - no kitchen drawers.  The dish drainer is larger than the 1” X 1” counter top.  What were they thinking?  I just use a towel for stuff to sit and dry on.


Oddly this place only gives 2 of each plate/bowl/cup.  Same with flatware.  No teaspoons either.  I would have thought 4 would have been a better set up.

Before the trip we had decided it was time for a new printer.  We planned it out to buy it here in Charlotte so we’d have a printer for all of the rental hunting we’d be doing.  It has a couple of features that we didn’t have on our HP scanner/printer.  This one can fax, has a sheet feeder, is wireless (big plus), and can print on 2 sides.  All for only $99.99, on sale at OfficeMax (until Saturday 12-12-09 I think).

image Above: Lexmark Prospect P205

New printer?  Check.  Groceries?  A few blocks away to Walmart for things like tissues, paper towels, coffee, filters, soda, Crystal Lite, etc.

Dinner?  Olive Garden.  Jodi, Michelle, and Carolyn shivered at the thought of Olive Garden when I saw them citing it was crap.  I love Olive Garden’s salad.  We both like their cream sauces.  We enjoyed it and took most of our meals home.  That’s what happens when you eat too much salad and too many bread sticks.  Let’s not forget the side of alfredo for the bread sticks.  Oy.

The temperature here was in the upper 30’s.  Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  We’re both thankful for the BMW seat heaters!

No parades at Olive Garden either.  Whatever!


  1. Garret! Did you even wave as you rode through Jacksonville on I-95? I thought I felt your presence... I got a chill and the hair stood up on the back of my neck. I was thinking... some strange poltergeist has arrived. I guess it was you passing thru.

    Okay. Fine. Good. Let me know when I can come to NC and haung YOU!

  2. Alix, I texted you a photo of a McDonald's receipt showing Jacksonville. Did you get it?????? So yes, I thought of you.

    Too bad your neck has more hair than your head.

  3. Boy are you going to be disappointed when you find out that my hair has come back with a vengeance. I'm not ready to tell you that yet, though, so mum's the word.

  4. The only thing I really have to say is you SUCK!!!! I had to go buy this printer dammit!!!! It shipped today so I'll have it in time for my birthday so I'm just calling it my birthday present from Garret. Thanks Garret....I know I'm going to love it.

  5. @Alix: Back with a vengeance? Are we talking Cousin It?

    @WayTwisted: I think it's an awesome printer AND the whole family can share it... or not.

  6. Cream sauces??? Get to the gym!!!!

  7. I totally see an in tandem crash of your house (*i mean visit). Alix...are you ready??!???? We're going to the big city! lol


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