12-29-09 Tuesday (Who’s Watchin’ The Road?)

Jacksonville to Charlotte.  Pretty easy.  On our last trip to Charlotte, Jim had me jot down various fuel stops and rest area exits.  We pretty much preplanned our stops knowing what gas stations would be easy to get in and out of.  That’s Jim for you.  Prepared. 

Before leaving the RV park, Jim checked the transmission fluid.  Remember, we had it changed a few weeks back.  The fluid didn’t even register on the 458 foot dipstick from hell.  That thing was so long, I think it was poking through China soil.   I saw rice stuck on the end of it.  Anyway, we added about 2 quarts.  At the next stop we bought and added more.  The book says that sucker holds 16.something.  All in all, I think we added 5 quarts.  Why can’t anyone do their jobs properly?  As our friend John Anderson would say, “I just shake my head.”

Both yesterday and today, Jim and I both noticed an abundance of RV’s on the interstates.  We’ve guessed that those heading North were returning home from a fun filled holiday.  Those heading South enjoyed the holidays with loved ones and are now seeking warmer climate.  It will definitely be warmer in SW Florida, but from what I’ve seen, not much.

2009-12-29 001Above: “Uh, Jim, shouldn’t you be watching the road?”

While gassing up, Jim spotted a Waffle House.  He “craved” Waffle House waffle’s.  Lunch.  We went.  We ate.  We left happy.

2009-12-29 08We arrived in Charlotte.  We checked in at the campground, set up the RV and then headed to Chili’s for margaritas and dinner.  We stopped by the house to pick up the car, and then returned to the RV for much needed sleep.




 2009-12-29 002


Photos from today:

2009-12-29 02Above: Cat hair flew out of the defroster vents.  Ahhhh, life in an RV with 2 cats and a dog.

 2009-12-29 03Above: Dasher on the RV dash.

 2009-12-29 05Above: Clea climbing onto my lap.

 2009-12-29 06Above: Clea made it onto my lap.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day!

12-28-09 Monday (Bicycles Are Over-rated)

We departed the RV park this morning at about 10 am.  Jacksonville – here we come.  The ride over was uneventful… mostly.  Here’s the day in pictures.

Dasher HidesAbove: Dasher cuddled up.

2009-12-28 08Above: Dasher caught in the midst of licking his chops after eating a Triscuit

 2009-12-28 01Above:  Dasher tries to balance while the RV is moving.

 2009-12-28 05Above: Clea really could care less.

 Wall of Death

Above: Jim and I refer to this as “The Wall of Death”.  We DO NOT enjoy riding next to a shoulderless wall.

 RebelAbove: Prejudice and proud?  It’s a huge flag.

 Trucker LabelsAbove: The front says “Operating Room”.

 Tricycle Above: YES this is a man on a very tall unicycle.  He’s also in 2 more photos below.  Look for him.  How funny is this?

2009-12-28 09 2009-12-28 10

We stopped at a Mexican restaurant prior to the RV park.  We met up with Alix and Lisa.  Later Larry met up with us.  We met at La Nopalera, a very yummy place.  All 4 of us had the fajita nachos.  Be sure to visit Casa Hice for more photos and details!


2009-12-28 14Above: Yum!  I omitted the peppers.  I’m old – they repeat.  Anyway, this was excellent.

2009-12-28 20Above: Jim and Alix.

 2009-12-28 12Above: Alix blows a kiss.

 2009-12-28 13Above: Strawberry margaritas! 

imageAbove: Lisa, Garret, Jim and Alix

  2009-12-28 15Above: Attractive – isn’t it?

 2009-12-28 16Above: Larry has arrived!

 2009-12-28 17Above: Alix makes love to her glass of wine.

 2009-12-28 19 Above: Me & Alix.

FakeAbove: She’s wearing Larry’s favorite wig.

With full tummies, the 5 of us headed to the RV for a few minutes.  With the slide in, it was cramped at best.  Good thing it was just a few minutes.

We arrived at the Pecan Park RV resort in Jacksonville later in the evening.  The park is very nice.  No mobile homes, just RV’s.  It was great to be back in this kind of atmosphere. 

Somewhere between the restaurant and the RV park, the stairs stopped retracting!  We weren’t aware of this problem until we arrived at the RV park.  Jim checked it out and found a broken bracket.  He tied the steps together so they’d stay retracted.  While at the RV park we used the auxiliary steps we have on hand that we usually use with the screen room or for a more permanent feel.  I’m hoping for no other break downs or MISadventures for the rest of the trip.

12-27-09 Sunday (Nuthin’)

Our last full day in Fort Myers.  We spent it with our families.  First off to Ann and Morgan’s for her famous chicken enchiladas, by our request.  Then Jim met up with Grandma for dinner while I visited with my Mom and Dad.  There’s really not much to tell today.  No photos, no nuthin’. 

Smoking Baby

Tomorrow, we hit the road, with an overnight stay in Jacksonville.  We’ll be meeting up with the deliciously wonderful Alix and her sister of awesomeness, Lisa for dinner.  I’m not sure about all the details yet, but you can be sure, you’ll be jealous. 

I published a few entries within several hours.  Be sure to scroll down and catch ‘em all.

12-26-09 Saturday (Abandonment Party)

Jim and I had lunch at Rib City with Ann & Morgan. After a very yummy lunch, Ann, Jim and I continued on to the Butterfly Estates here in Fort Myers. At $13.00 a person, this place was way over priced. Don’t get me wrong, it was OK but would have been better at $6.00 a person. It’s basically a large greenhouse with butterflies. Here’s just a few of the zillion photos I took. By the way, are slideshows better, does this load fast enough? Thoughts?

2009-12-26 46 2009-12-26 51 2009-12-26 52 2009-12-26 14 2009-12-26 19Above: Yes, there is a butterfly on my shoulder.

2009-12-26 21 2009-12-26 23 2009-12-26 25 2009-12-26 28 2009-12-26 32 2009-12-26 35 2009-12-26 36 2009-12-26 39 2009-12-26 41

The last photo is from their gift shop. This is what happens when butterflies try to escape.

2009-12-26 54

Small world, when we arrived, ex-neighbors and friends, CB & Ryan were just leaving. We chatted for a few minutes. We’ll miss them. After the butterfly garden, Jim and his mom did some shopping while I visited with my Mom.

Later in the evening, we gathered at Carl and Tim’s house. They were throwing a “Garret & Jim’s Friends Abandonment Party”. It was more of an intimate gathering. These are the same guys that had that awesome Thanksgiving gathering last month. Anyway, the invites said to eat before coming, beverages would only be served. They lied. What a spread they put on.

2009-12-26 55

Above/Below: I know, I know. The wall color is still Pumpkin Spice from Thanksgiving. Tacky.

2009-12-26 56 2009-12-26 58Above: Pearl!

2009-12-26 59Above: Laurie!

2009-12-26 61 2009-12-26 62

Above/Below: I was apparently in the midst of my usual and very animated story telling mode. I do that.

2009-12-26 63 2009-12-26 66

Above: The cool and calm Gismo.

2009-12-26 102

Above: Nancy!

2009-12-26 103

Above: Laurie and Pearl

2009-12-26 104 Above: Chris

Tomorrow is our last full day here in Fort Myers. We’ll continue to visit with family. I’m sorry we didn’t get to spend time with all of our friends. CB & Ryan, Glenn & Kevin, Brenda & Peggy, Steve & Barry, Ed & Walter, ex-coworkers, Jeffrey, Ryan, the list goes on and on and on. That’s OK, because we have a spare bedroom… come vacation! We mean it!