10-27-13 Sunday (Camera Mayhem)

Work has been slow for me which means the day doesn’t go by as fast as it used to.  I was talking to a coworker, Jessica, my work wife, the other day, and we agreed that we both love our jobs.  Yes, we’re those annoying people who as we listen to others complain about their job, just smile and say, “I love my job”.  I’m 43 years old and it’s about damn time.

I probably kept you hanging for too long about Jim’s Halloween décor. 

2013-10-14 005

2013-10-14 001

2013-10-14 002

2013-10-14 003

2013-10-14 004

He did an awesome job.  He always does.

This weekend (18th-20th) Jim and I left work early and headed to Augusta.  There were a couple of campsite parties going on and we had a blast.  It was a great weekend.  We also did some shopping.

2013-10-19 007

2013-10-19 006

Target had some awesome foam “wigs”.  Fun stuff.  I wonder how many people tried these things on?  Ewwwww.

This week, I caught a cold.  Yay.  It also marks the 3rd week of not drinking coffee.  The half and half that I enjoy is really empty calories. If I can’t have the half and half then why bother?  I now drink hot tea.  Tea has less caffeine so I suppose it’s a healthier move anyway.

This weekend (25th – 27th) we held a dinner soirée.  

2013-10-26 001

2013-10-26 002

2013-10-26 003Above: Isn’t the spider bread cute?  We ordered it from Great Harvest Bread Co.

Deanna got a hold of my camera and took some regular and obscure photos.  You decided which is which.

2013-10-26 031Above :Ruby.

2013-10-26 004Above: David and Angie.

2013-10-26 005Above: Robin and Beth.

2013-10-26 006Above: Deanna and David.

2013-10-26 010


2013-10-26 011Above: A mysterious unused place setting (Jim and I can’t count).

2013-10-26 012Above: Deanna and ?

2013-10-26 013


2013-10-26 014


2013-10-26 016


2013-10-26 017


2013-10-26 018


2013-10-26 019Above: Beth.

2013-10-26 022


2013-10-26 025Above: Oooops, it was set to zoom.

2013-10-26 028Above: Deanna.

2013-10-26 029Above: Beth and Robin.

2013-10-26 030Above: Deanna and Jim.

Typically we don’t sleep in very late.  Sometimes after 7-8 hours of sleep, we just can’t sleep anymore.  Sunday morning was an exception.  One of us slept 12 hours and the other 13 hours (Jim) but I won’t tell you who did what.

For lunch/dinner we went to a new pizza place called Tony Sacco’s Coal Oven Pizza.  Ewwwww.  The crust sucked and the sauce sucked even more.  How they made it this far (a chain) is beyond me. 

That’s all I got!

10-15-13 Tuesday (Proxy Car Shopping)

We had a great weekend!  Saturday we got our food shopping done.  For dinner we met up with Ruby, Jamie and Beth for a few drinks (Jamie was the designated driver) and then went to dinner at Union Street Bistro.  We had a lot of funny, especially with our alcohol buzz on.  Service was fine but the main entrees took longer than expected.  My ribeye was tough.  I’m not sure how many more chances we’ll give this place.

Sunday, Jim and I left the house fairly early and headed up to the mountains to see the fall foliage.  We stopped at our usual lunch destination in Little Switzerland, a 2 hour drive, Switzerland Inn.  Good views, good food and good service; a great combination.  As we ate lunch, a rainy fog rolled in.  At the end of lunch, we had lost our views.  Our next stop was Mount Mitchell, a state park.  We hit a lot of rain here and there but for the most part, the views were spectacular.  Once we reached Mount Mitchell, it was raining and foggy.  We couldn’t see anything so we headed home.

2013-10-13 024Above: A lunch view.

2013-10-13 027Above: We sat in front of the fire at the hotel lobby.  The restaurant is next door.

2013-10-13 030Above: On the way to Mount Mitchell.

2013-10-13 034Above: On the way to Mount Mitchell.

2013-10-13 037Above: On the way to Mount Mitchell.

A drive to Mount Mitchell

Tuesday night we went car shopping, but not for us.  Jim’s brother and sister-in-law wanted us to checkout a vehicle in our area for them and then if it passed our inspection, they’d come from Atlanta to check it out.  It didn’t pass.  It wasn’t awful but it had some issues.  Valve/lifter/engine tick, brake pulsation, vibration at highway speeds, and A/C odor. 

For dinner we went to a pizzeria/Italian restaurant called Prosciuttos.   We recently had pizza over the weekend at Fuel Pizza, so we decided to have something different.  We went with a tortellini in Alfredo.  The portion was huge, too huge so we took home another complete meal.  The food was good.  It was served with house made pocked bread.  We were expecting a tasty bread not realizing pocket bread is pita bread so we thought it was on the lame side.  Jim said, “Oh pocket bread… known in some circles as pita bread.”  I nearly choked.  All in all, we’d go back.  I’d love to try their pizza next but I may not be able to tear myself away from the tortellini.  AND since my ass needs to lose some weight, I may not be back at all.  Sigh.

Next weekend (the weekend I’ve actually posted this) we’ll be in Augusta.

10-2-13 Wednesday (Antique Systems)

Rant Cloud Animated - Slow

Recently we’ve been getting messages on our home number stating it’s from Bank of America and they have important info regarding our mortgage.  I Googled the number they said to call and the number on Caller ID.  I got various websites saying it was a scam, etc, etc.  Some said it was a collection.  I called both numbers and got a greeting identifying them as Bank of America Collections.  High tech automated stuff, key in the loan number or SS, etc but I refuse to not knowing who they are.  I hit 0 and/or yell “customer service” at the phone and eventually get someone.  It all sounds legit but I will not be a victim of fraud by my own doing so I won’t give the phone operator any info other than the phone number they call me on.  Naturally, he can’t identify me and won’t give me any info.

A few days go by and every other day, there’s another automated message.  We call BOA mortgage using a number off the website.  Ms. Operator confirms that the number we were left on the machine is a valid BOA number.  BUT our account looks fine and is paid on time.  What’s the deal?  It occurs to me that our phone number may be linked to “Larry Toliver”, a man that we used to get many a collection call for and collection notices in the mail for.  Unfortunately, it would appear we have his old number and he’s recently misbehaved again.  Sometimes I suspect that he still gives out “our” number on spite to commit fraud but who knows.  We’ve had this number for several years, we’ve earned it, it’s ours.  Quit using it.  Ms. Operator confirms via grunts, sighs, humming or whatever that someone else has our number on their file.  For privacy, she can’t say who.  She “takes care of it”.

I’m not upset with BOA up to this point.  They really can’t help it.

Days later we receive 2 more calls.  Jim calls BOA again, less nice, and goes through the scenario that they are calling for someone else and had better find a way to stop it.  So far, it has ceased. 

Now I’m upset that we had to call twice.  Why is everything in the customer service world a 2 stage process when clearly it should be a one stage process? 

<end rant>

Work has been getting a little busier for me.  I’ve had new loans to underwrite plus work my existing pipeline.  The day goes by so much faster when I actually have work to do!

Jim is out of training and has moved into a different building.  The underwriting system he’s usually is “DOS/UNIX-Looking”.  I’m picturing something like this:


The bank I work for has several basic systems like this, we’ll call it Ted.  When I was a phone banker, we used a windows, pretty system that reads/writes retrieved info to/from Ted.  Now while underwriting, I use a windows based system that reads/writes to a Ted-like system.  Unfortunately for some tasks, I still have to use a system like this that consists of codes to navigate screens.  Awful.

I started this post like a week and a half ago.  It’s not so much that I lost interest in blogging, well maybe a little, but more so, nothing exciting has been happening. 

I’ve been trying to limit my Facebook time but it hasn’t worked much.  I’m obsessed with making sure I haven’t missed anything.  Most of what people post is crap.  I wish Facebook was more about someone’s life than posting funny videos, those over used Bluntcards, news clippings, recipes, Tweets etc.  There’s so many websites out there that specialize in this stuff, but I guess Facebook has become a mashup of these services.  Why post a recipe if you haven’t even tried it?  Why use Hashtags when there’s Twitter?  Why tell me what’s happening in the world when clearly we have tons of news sites?  Videos?  How about youtube?  I do post videos every once in a while but that’s the key.  Moderation.   How about the “forward this to your friends and someone will be cancer-free” or “share and you’ll get a free something”.  People, use snopes.com to check a validity of this crap.  There’s more gripes but I’ll refrain since I might offend a friend or 2 or 3.  How do you feel about Facebook?  What irks you about it? 

Jim has been decorating for Halloween.  He enjoys doing it, I don’t.  I enjoy looking at it but not the work that goes along with it. 

2013-10-02 010

2013-10-02 014

Last year we bought a black Christmas tree on clearance.  We thought we’d like to have a black/white/silver tree theme at point.  Jim is using it for Halloween right now.  He spend a bunch of money at DollarTree and decorated the tree with white skeletons, skulls, eye balls, insects, etc.  It came out cool looking!

2013-10-03 018

The next post will have more photos…