10-30-09 Friday (Scrubs)

Yesterday dropped the Jeep off at the Groves so we’d have one less vehicle to deal with today.  We left the car at Indian Creek and departed.  The drive between the 2 RV parks is only 5-10 minutes.  The plan was to stop at a self service car wash that had one roofless bay that we could get the RV into.  You know these car wash places are annoying.  It’s a hungry machine, begging for more quarters.  I lost track of how much money.  I’m thinking about $25 or so.  We scrubbed the roof and put out the slide so that it could get thoroughly cleaned as well.  What a project.  

2009-10-30 01 2009-10-30 02

The hoses didn’t reach all the way around so after doing one side, Jim went to spin the RV around and discovered a dead battery.  The ignition was left on with the cab air on.  The auxiliary start (which we’ve never used), didn’t work either.  We opened the owner’s manual.  Still no go.  One car was at Indian Creek, the other at The Groves.  Jim called his Grandmother to come give us a jump.  When she was to the car wash, we tried starting the RV one more time.  It started.  Grandma showed up anyway with our washer/dryer part in hand (we had it shipped to her house).

We finished washing the RV and set up at The Groves.  We then retrieved Jim’s car and brought both vehicles to the car wash, eager to feed the quarter gobbler.  He washed his, I washed mine.

2009-10-30 03Above/Below: These pictures were specifically taken for our friend Tim.  You see, every time Tim sees the BMW he criticizes the dirty wheels and scolds Jim. 2009-10-30 04

2009-10-30 08 Above: This picture was taken way after the wet t-shirt contest.  Jim had larger breasts and therefore won.

imageI love the Far Side cartoons!


Oh, and I shaved my head again.

Then we went to Rib City with Grandma.


  1. It was the FRONT wheels that needed washed!

  2. Oh, we skipped those. Maybe we'll rotate the tires.


  3. http://www.headblade.com/

    The guy who created the Head Blade has made millions. Who knew.

    Love the Far Side, too!

  4. You need to find a car wash with a coupon ;)


  5. Um, Garret? You're thinner. Bigtime.

  6. His car, my car, WHATEVER! Let the record AND the titles show that BOTH names are on both cars.


  7. @Liz: I saw that headblade during "shaving my head bald" research. A regular 3 blade razor works fine for me. I'm cheap. :-)

    @Derek: We usually go to full service car washes but we over purchased tokens while doing the moho. After the machine sucked out our quarters, ones, 5's and 10's, I slipped a twenty in. Oh well.

    @Alix: Thanks but it must have just been a flattering angle.

  8. Garret, I thought the same thing Alix did - looking good.

    Shaved again, hey? No more dreadlocks?

    Nancy in Iowa

  9. Thanks Nancy. The dreadlocks are too much work.


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