10-12-09 Monday (Heated Conflicts)

Cardio!  I say it with an exclamation point for a good reason.  Well, we’ve slacked off lately.  We were going everyday, and then it happened.  BAM.  Excuses galore, we just stopped going.  Today, we resumed our routine. 

Jim called the washer/dryer parts place where we got the fan from in April.  They were nice enough to tell Jim that the fan squirrel cage was probably loose from the fan motor.  They said they sell both parts separately and for shipping purposes, it was probably attached haphazardly from the start.  They recommended tightening this and that.  It worked!  I’m back in the laundry business – so to speak.

image While Jim worked on reinstalling the parts, he flipped the wrong breaker.  Of course, under normal (whatever that might be) circumstances, this shouldn’t make a difference.  The breaker he flipped was for the climate control computer.  Flipping it back on should take care of it.  Alas, the front A/C compressor wouldn’t stay on.  We reset, we unplugged, we tripped breakers again.  Relay clicking noises were emitting from the computer.  Did the computer blow out or something?  It was getting very hot in here.  Within 15 minutes the front of the RV went from 72 degrees to 84 and climbing.  I Googled for a solution.  A post from 2004 is below. 


It worked!  I turned off the fluorescent light and the compressor would cycle on and stay on.  I turned the light back on and the compressor immediately turned off.  Jim got out of the shower and I demonstrated my interesting find!  We tried different bulbs.  I’m not sure how flipping a circuit breaker started this but we didn’t care.  We just needed to go to Camping World for a new fixture.

We’re not back on track with the dieting part yet.  We went to Friday’s with our free burger coupons again.  I had mine with a salad instead of fries.  For beverages our total was $5.00.  We of course tipped at the full price rate.

Here we are at Camping World, we bought a new light fixture.  Unfortunately 12V fixtures (light cars, boats, RV’s use) are expensive.  $60.00 ugh.  We may have been able to get it cheaper off Ebay or something but I really needed the light for the kitchen now and not in days.

2009-10-12 07Above: In front of Camping World.  Maybe it’s time to downsize again.

On our way home, I got a phone call with a possible job offer.  This is actually the second one in the past few days.  I haven’t blogged about it because in my line of business things spread fast.  Withholding business names, I’ll just say they were calls to see if I’d be interested.  There hasn’t been much talk other than that.  I’m VERY excited and at the same time stressed because both sound awesome.  I hate to choose.  At the same time I feel good that I may possibly have that dilemma.  Who doesn’t want to be wanted?

Here’s some photos of the A/C – fluorescent light project.

2009-10-12 04Above: Here’s the old fixture with the cover and bulbs out.

 2009-10-12 05Above: Here’s the breakers and the “electronic climate control energy management unit master controller” by Intellitec.  I love how they decided to give this thing a really long name. 

 2009-10-12 06Above: Here’s what our thermostat controls look like.

 2009-10-12 08 Above: The new pretty fluorescent light fixture.

We met up with Ann & Morgan at Longhorn for dinner.  Jim and I had salads.  Jim had a chicken tender salad and I had the Sonoma Chicken Salad which was amazing.  Per Longhorn’s website, it’s 720 calories but damn it was good.


An interesting  contrast of wants today.  Need heat for the dryer, get rid of heat in the RV. 


  1. I'm so happy to know you tip a server as if you paid full price for your burgers and/or chicken sandwiches! You'd be amazed how many don't.

  2. That salad sounds pretty awesome... At least the calories are from real food and not from empty carbs or something.


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