10-29-09 Thursday (Circles)

Today was our last night at Indian Creek RV Resort.  Tomorrow, we’re off to their sister park, The Groves.  We stayed in The Groves last year.  It would be strange if we settle down in Fort Myers while we’re staying at The Groves.  It’s like we’d have gone full circle. 

For dinner we met up with friends, John, Louise, Thad and Jim at Sweet Tomatoes.  We had a great time and of course enjoyed the food.

We took our last dip in the hot tub here and then relaxed while enjoying the previous season of Smallville.  We’re so behind on “our shows” because we didn’t watch TV for a year.  Doesn’t it sound so terrible to travel the country for a year and not get to watch your favorite shows?  What were we thinking? 


  1. John doesn't have cable or internet at his house, and he wonders why I want him to come here on the weekends instead of me going to his place.

  2. My friend, Peggy in Chicago has a blog and today's entry was the wackiest vacation spots in America. i was wondering if you and Jim checked any of these places out. I'm too lazy to go back and check your archives.


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