10-28-09 Wednesday (Secret Squirrel)

image Hmmmm, I’m lacking in the communication department lately.  Perhaps I’ve failed to share the master secret plan?  Well, that’s partly because we have so many “plans”, it’s stressful.  One plan is to stay here in our home town.  Jim is tired of living in an RV.  Perhaps if we worked and weren’t together in it for long periods of time, that opinion would be different.  Since that’s not the situation right now, it’s a goal to get out of the RV immediately.  Rent or buy?  I’ve owned the last 3 places, and Jim has owned 2 of them with me.  Even with a job, we’re not sure that we can get a loan with a short employment record so we’ll need to rent for a little bit.  We’ll empty 2 out of 4 storage units.  We’ll keep the RV and use it for weekend getaways.  We’ll look for inexpensive storage close to where ever we are.  If Jim get’s a job offer out of state, then the plans change drastically.  Currently, we have several variations of getting us and all of our crap to a new state.  Drive, ship this, ship that, fly, hire movers, get pods, etc.  Sometimes having so many choices are just as stressful and having none.

I’ve been letting my hair grow to a fuzz.  I’m debating on having hair, fuzz or bald.  After photographing myself with fuzz, I can see why I went to the bald look.  I don’t like the balding look at the top.  Here’s the different effects.  Please tell me what looks best.

IMG_0001Above/Below: The current “look”. IMG_0003


Me2Above/Below: Days with hair.  I have no over head shots because obviously I was balding and it wasn’t very flattering.  Use your imagination.  Me


me5Above/Below: The Uncle Fester look. me4


Just for fun…  But remember to comment seriously too!

image image image image image image image image image

I’m taking orders for 9X12’s of your favorite Garret photo.  $29.95 preorder special.


Laurie had her foot surgery on Monday and is beginning her road to recovery.  She sent this photo to my phone.  Thanks Laurie, I guess.

2009-10-28Above: Behold Frankenfoot!

Ewwww, that’s a lot of staples.  I suppose it’s more like owwwwww.  She says they haven’t casted it just yet until the swelling goes down.  I see someone signed their name.  Uh, I think that’s what we’re supposed to do on a cast, not skin.  Maybe it’s the doctor’s signature.  Like an artist?

rip The clubhouse here offered burgers off the grill for lunch.  Yesterday was hot dogs, which we skipped to have a salad.  Today we decided to indulge.  Burgers $2.25 + .10 for cheese.  It was lame.  The burgers with bun in hand were wrapped in foil.  She handed us the foil wrapped burger with an individually wrapped slice of cheese laying atop the foil.  Hmmmm.  They had the typical condiments and included onion and tomato.  No lettuce?  Oh well.  The clubhouse tables and chairs were all set up for people to sit and eat.  We were the youngest … definitely.  If you ever want to feel younger, visit a senior citizen center or something.  If you’re reading this and already are a senior citizen, visit a cemetery. 

I removed all the dirty a/c vents and washed them.  Then I vacuumed, and washed the vacuum filters.  Every time I turned the vacuum on it smelled like feet.  I think it had to do with the year it spent in storage.  I thought a new HEPA filter was going to take care of that but apparently it wasn’t giving up.  I also mopped the floors.  So nice and clean.  {deep breath}.



  1. I love the bald look and you make a very handsome "Fester", but the current look is my favorite.

  2. I like the Uncle fester look with the Aretha Franklin inauguration hat look taking a close second. Try doing a "soup patch" instead of a full goatee.... Derek

  3. Oh Jesus.

    I like you as Marilyn Garret and Mona Lisa Garret. But honestly? I like you best as fuzzy Garret. Dunno why. You just get all my girly juices flowing with that wild 1/8 inch growth of manly hair growth. Or maybe it's your eyes. Or...... better not go there or Larry won't let me meet back up with you.

    Whatever it is... whatever the je ne sais quoi... I like it! Bottle that shit up and send me a case of it. COD.

  4. Seriously- I like all of your hair looks. Can say I can pick a fave.

    Not seriously- LOVE the bow, dahling!

    That foot looks painful!! I think the writing is the doc's note to remind him which foot to operate on.

  5. Frankenfoot. Great. I suppose that makes me Bride of...oh wait, can't be married. (something about being an abomination). Ok how about Significant Other of...damn, that's too long and lame. Oh nevermind. I really like the new "fuzz" look. You wear it well, just as you wear "bald is beautiful" well, and hair too. Whatever you choose is none of my business, and will look great. Love you guys. :o)

  6. Hair or no hair. I like both, actually. I say shave it, unless you're trying to look like Alix with some hair.

    Speaking of fuzz, John's got fuzz!!! His hair is growing back with a vengeance!! And he needs to shave every day again (but only the goatee area... the cheeks are still smooth)and his nose hairs growing back. Did you know that cilia (aka nose hairs) keeps your nose from dripping like a faucet? WHAT??? You can show Laurie's foot all swollen and icky-looking but I can't talk about snot? HMPH!

  7. Frankenfoot is cool. Looks a little sore, but the grocery list adds character!

    Hope you're up and around soon Laurie!

  8. I must say, those are some hilarious votes. Thanks.

  9. I know this isn't helping your quest at all, but i really think you're a cutie patootie with all 3 looks. My least fav (if there was one) was the hair. so i'd go either bald or fuzz. ;)

  10. Wow - the one beneath Mona Garret must be Cher Garret!

    I think you're trying to grow fuzz so you can thumb your nose at poor Alix!! I think you're cute, Garret, no matter what's on your head. That's the opinion of this straight senior!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  11. I vote for fuzz too. Total bald is a bit extreme for me. And your not bald enough to have to shave it, though bald enough that short looks good.


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