10-26-09 Monday (What Floor?)

We got a fairly early start on apartment hunting.  We looked at a condo community called Cobblestone on the Lake.  Basically the developer is stuck with a lot of condos and has had to resort to renting them.  What we liked was that this is a condo community with the typical amenities but had an interesting layout.  A semi-private elevator leading directly into the condo.  It requires a special electronic key to get to our condo, and won’t permit access to someone else’s.  It’s on the second floor and parking is under the units.  The units have several upgrades not found in typical apartments.  The balcony is huge.  The floor plans only show the 3rd and 4th floor balconies which are average.  The 2nd floor’s balcony is twice as deep.  Real nice.  The floor plans show a home office space but it’s empty.  No desk or such.  Someone suggested its use to be a dining room so that the living room could be larger. Click here for the floorplan.

2009-10-26 01Above: Living room to balcony.

 2009-10-26 02  2009-10-26 04Above: Elevator/Foyer.

2009-10-26 05 2009-10-26 06

We went to this place twice today.  We took an application and looked at the unit a second time.  We decided if all goes well, this is the place we’d like to be.

Things didn’t go so well.  I received a call from the “interviewer” I’ve met with 2 times in a row.   The person, someone he worked with for many years, has decided to take the position.  I’m bummed.  Their loss.  I know I would have been an asset.  I’m confident.


image I sulked for a few hours and now I’m re-energized.  I had another offer waiting in the wings.  They were growing tired of my delays.  I was growing tired of my own delays.   I’ve been honest with them all along.  I told them I had negotiations in the works.  I called them 5 frickin’ minutes before I got turned down and told them that I was positive the position was mine and that I didn’t want to string them along; I wouldn’t be taking it.  Now I’ve had to call back, explain the truth and ask for the position if they’ll reconsider me.  Time to wait… again. I’m thinking positively.  I’m getting excited.  It’s a different excitement.   I’m already planning, changing, and working in my mind.  How will I handle this or that?  What are my challenges?  How will I obtain my goals?

Now even an hour later after my previous sentence I’m grateful in a way.  Would my “boss” have finalized the offer with me.  We then would have run down to the condo and signed on the dotted line.  What if bossman had received his friend’s employment request a day, 2 days, or a week later?  Would I have been out of a job that I didn’t even get to start?  I’ll just keep telling myself that; surely that will make me feel even betterer (pretend it’s a word).


  1. Very nice. Pearl and I picked the Estrada for us. =:0)

  2. I love that layout! And a room for me if I want to visit.

    I hope you get that job.

    John says "more better" and bestestest all the time. He's weird like that.

  3. I used to get frustrated with my Mom when she would start a sentence with, "Well, if it had been meant to be...." But so often she was right; the event that actually fell into place turned out fine, even better than what I had wanted. Good luck on getting the right job!

    Nancy in Iowa

  4. The elevator thing is wicked cool!!

    Sorry the job offer you wanted didn't come through. Maybe there is something better with the same company? Maybe there is another opportunity right around the corner?

    Maybe if you would just fess up and tell us about this "everyone is connected" field, we would better understand... ;)

  5. Oh- and that floor plan is pretty sweet. I'd use that "home office" space for either an eating nook or a cozy den / game room kind of space.

  6. Wow that apartment looks, very spacious..balconies are awesome. As for job hunting, been there, done that, and I know, it sucks. But you will be working before you know it, and then longing for these present carefree days you have.
    Ken from Tampa

  7. @Waytwisted: Something is wrong with the floorplan you looked at. It's a floorplan on top of another.

    @Liz: It would probably be a dining room. It's large enough.

    The job isn't a secret, just the place/position. My career = automotive service/parts manager.

  8. Oh Garret, I'm so sorry about the job fiasco. When we spoke on the phone I was convinced you were getting the job instead of Alabama man. How disappointing. But at least that is settled and you don't have to wait on their decision. The waiting is what makes you insane.

    Oh.... and be careful renting an apartment that close to the elevator. Great for transporting groceries, but noisy sliding doors and bells might keep you up all night. Cool apartments tho!

  9. At first glance it looked like your floorplan was called "Ballerina." LOL

  10. Alix, the condos have semi-private elevators. 5 families share it but it's walled into a foyer and quiet. There is another elevator and stairs that does not lead directly to your unit that is for guests or deliveries and what nots.

    We used the elevator on our tour and never heard it even while standing in the foyer.

  11. *Fingers Crossed*! Having a private elevator is bitchin.

  12. I've probably missed something here, but this looks like you're parking the RV for a while? Then what will you call your blog? Condoing?

  13. Jason: Jim is real tired of RV living AND we need to get jobs. I'm not sure about the blogging. Maybe I'll blog from work. ;-)


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