10-23-09 Friday (Transforming Laundry)

imageimageAfter the gym, a started a load of towels.  The washer never filled.  Jim was livid.  I think I was more sad than anything.  Piece by piece, we continue to replace this beast.  We spun the dial through cycles.  It wouldn’t fill, but it would go into dry mode.  We suspected the timer mechanism.  We called our typical parts source, Westland Sales, where Ryan has been on the money each time.  He said it probably wasn’t the timer but rather the door switch and gave us directions to test his thimageeory.  He even told us what color wires to jump.  Well yes that meant Jim had to pull out that damn machine again.  Ryan’s diagnostic worked. Ya know, the last time we called him, he even knew what size socket Jim would need for the socket.  He’s quite an amazing guy.  The part will be $80 and take a week at $12 freight.  Overnight would have been $50 which seems too high.  I’ll be roughing it at the laundry room for a week.  Ugh!

I’ve been very restless today.  I’m not sure what the hell my problem is.  Jim has been watching a lot of youtube.com crap and I’ve just been staring at my computer screen trying to think of something to do.  Maybe it’s boredom?

image After dinner we settled into a movie.  Transformers 2.  I liked it but then again I like Sci-Fi.  The fight scenes were fast past and often difficult to follow.  I guess 2 robots fighting and it being hard to tell who’s who isn’t a tragedy. 

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  1. Jeff and I had a rare date night to see T2. Honestly- we liked the first one a LOT more than the second.


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