10-25-09 Sunday (Mouse Traps)

Proactive or dumb? – Since I’m 99% sure the job is mine and everything will fall into place, we decided to go apartment hunting.  Part of it is, why not, what else do we have to do?  We might as well have done some leg work and if possible, be ready to move.  Again, we need to be out of here on the 30th.

With that in mind, off we went.  We tried looking at the low end of the price range.  We visited 4 rental communities.  2 were low income housing.  We were kind of shocked, especially by one that was gated, had a gym, a pool, and a gorgeous clubhouse.  Income had to be lower than $29,000.  Ugh.  Low income AND all of these amenities.  It hardly seems “right” in my opinion.  The poor get stuff, the middle class get shit, and the rich have it all.  This deserves another “ugh”. 

We went to a place where Jim once lived 10 years ago.  It was a lot of nickel and diming for various fees and deposits.  We saw an apartment; I thought the painted countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms were a little tacky but I’ll live.  I kept telling myself it will only be under a year and then we’ll buy a house.  I later found out from a disgruntled tenant blog that electric runs high and crime is increasing at the complex.  We were a little turned off but it seemed to be the best of 4 so far that was in our desired priced range and in the vicinity of my proposed job.

Ultimately we decided we’d see what more money will get us.  Stay tuned for more shopping tomorrow.

We picked up Grandma and headed to Ann & Morgan’s for a delicious Shepherd's Pie. 

Here’s a character I spotted at a gas station while Jim made a pee-pee stop.

2009-10-25 10

His fly is down, and he’s carrying a big mouse trap.

 2009-10-25 11


  1. That old guy better watch it, or he might catch his willy!

  2. AND.... he's got that weird enflamed red leg scenario going on. Poor thing.

    Thank god we're so freaking perfect, Garret. It would suck if we couldn't point out peoples flaws because we had some of our own.

  3. Hey and that guy is a fulltime RVer, I can tell as he looks like one of my neighbors, go figure...
    Ken from Tampa


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