10-13-09 Tuesday (The New Fight)

I’ve made a little more progress on my 2 jobs leads today.  Again, I’m excited about both, so I’m looking forward to the next couple of days.  I keep threatening Jim with to-do lists if I’m working and he’s not.  There’s 2 leads he’s working on for himself right now.  His leads are out of town and 1 is even out of state.  If everything pulls together at the same time, we’ll have to decide which is best for “us”.  If that becomes too difficult, maybe a coin flip?  Ugh.

We met up with Dave, David and Mike for dinner at Sweet Tomatoes.  Oh how we love BOGO coupons.  After dinner, they came back to the RV for coffee and socializing. 

Now that the washer/dryer and the fluorescent light problems have been solved, a new problem has surfaced.  Our in-coach main breaker trips when the dryer runs at the same time as the icemaker.  The breaker panel has always run hot but I think it’s way too hot and would burn skin.  I think I need to call an electrician to check it out.  I’ve been leaving the cabinet to the breaker panel open to get more air.


  1. Should NOT run hot at all. Please get it fixed quickly!! Wish I were there to help.

  2. It sure sounds dangerous...not something to be putting off. As Scott said, get it fixed immediately or you may be having a fire sale.
    Ken from Tampa

  3. These 2 job offers... are they local?

    And I agree with the fellas. Get that electrical problem checked out now! Danger Will Robinson!!

  4. The job prospects for me are local.

    We're waiting for an electrician referral from Jim's dad (he's in the construction business).


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