10-14-09 Wednesday (Foil Cures)

We worked out.  I went for a job interview of sorts.  I still can’t divulge any information about it yet.  It went well and I’m gettin’ excited, for the most part.  It has some cons.  Doesn’t everything? 

imageDuring the lunch interview, I strategically figured out what I’d have for lunch at the Ale House.  My favorite is the prime rib sandwich, with onion rings and add cheese.  I thought the best would be a knife and fork meal.  Something healthy.  Might as well.  I ordered a grilled chicken breast, with teriyaki and pineapple.  I chose the rice instead of the fries.  Yes, yes, there’s a point to my usual food story.  Hang in there.  So anyways, I order and then my interviewer.  He/she ordered the prime rib sandwich.  I thought I’d die.  BUT mine tasted very good.  There’s more.  On the way home, I talk to Jim.  Jim asks me to pick up a Big Mac meal.  Somehow, a double cheeseburger also found its way into the bag.  Ugh!  I had to eat it.

We bought Yoplait yogurt to have on hand for snacking.  We just had one.  The foil lid talks about how we should send in a clean lid and Yoplait will donate a dime to the Susan G. Komen.  SO, you want ME to mail frickin’ lids?  You just can’t donate a portion of your sales?  Are you trying to stimulate the post office too?  How many lids can I fit without additional postage?  I have to waste resources such as water and soap to wash the lid.  Duh.


Oh, and the yogurt was delicious.  Thanks for asking.


  1. I would have done the exact same thing at that sort of lunch.

    And Jeff and I had the exact same conversation about the Yoplait thing. I don't get it... total waste of time, energy, money. They really should just donate a portion of their sales. OR they should have it be part of a recycling lids program or something. But it shouldn't cost your donators postage. There should be drop boxes at a grocery store or something. But that seems really gross. So let's go back to the "just donate a portion of your sales" idea.

  2. There's been a lot of news lately about the backlash/opposition of cancer patients toward "cause marketing"; i.e. stick a pink ribbon on everything and let people think they're saving the world by buying it...most of the money never makes it to the people who need it, most of the companies who really push it also contribute to possible carcinogens (yoplait uses bovine growth hormone, for example) and most of the companies have a cap on how much they will donate no matter how much of their product sells. It's all bullshit.

  3. Life is just not fair...when you have a job...you don't want it...when you don't have a job, you want one. Wishing you all the best in your job hunt, but, enjoy every minute you have now while you are free.
    Ken from Tampa


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