10-31-09 Saturday (Pimp That Ride)

Boo! Boo!  Happy Halloween!  Last year we were in a Salt Lake City extended stay hotel.  It was interesting to go back and read that entry.

I forgot to mention Jim did get the new part installed into the washer/dryer last yesterday.  I even managed to get 2 loads completed.  He had just moved the unit back into place and I was already stuffing clothes into it. 

We had forgotten how beautiful the oak trees are at this park.  Large oaks adorned with Spanish Moss.  It’s tranquil.  Last year’s spot had a large oak over us, this year there’s one next to us.  We liked the shade from the tree but I guess it’s safer without it looming over us.

2009-10-31 04 2009-10-31 05 2009-10-31 06

image It would appear that I had forgotten a lot in yesterday’s entry.  Another thing I forgot to mention was a change in the gym routine.  The RV park we’re in now doesn’t have a hot tub or gym.  It’s all we could find at a decent price.  We can drive over to the sister park and use their facilities.  Up the block from us is Planet Fitness.  A billboard above the place taunts us with “$10.00 a month, no commitment”.  On the way into the gym, I joked it was probably a $150 fee.  I was just joking… turns out they want a $99 fee.  Scam.  Gyms are expensive.  Being fat is expensive too.  Hmmmmm.  Well, we’ll use Indian Creek’s facilities.  When we’re working, it will be a different story.

Jim and I went to Walmart.  Shocker, right?  Here’s what happened while we were there.

2009-10-31 01 2009-10-31 02

A lady was inviting people to pose for a free photo.  I asked if I could use my own camera.  She agreed, and then called us dorks.  Funny.

On the way home from Walmart…

2009-10-31 03Above: Is this really the new hip thing to do?  The other day we saw an old Chevy Caprice station wagon.  Real old, white, wood grain, and big giant custom rims.  Ugh!

We were invited to hang out with Carl & Tim tonight.  We brought dinner for Iguana Mia, a local Mexican restaurant.  They have large family meals that’s good for feeding 4-6 people.  We picked up a taco making meal.  It includes all the fixings, rice, beans, chips, salsa, etc. 

2009-10-31 07 Above: Tim’s dishwasher.  This is what happens when you get old.  You start saving take out containers.

Later Mike, Dave & David stopped by. 

2009-10-31 11Above: David.  He doesn’t know what he was trying to be.

 2009-10-31 08  Above/Below: Mike2009-10-31 10

No one else in the group dressed up. 



  1. Love the WalMart pictures! Did you tell the nice lady what a 'dork' really is? As for the mexican food containers in the dishwasher...my mother is resting peacefully today because you didn't get to throw them away. You KNOW how she was about reusing them. :::sigh:::

  2. OMG!!!!Mom's Heaven rent is paid for another year. I'm so glad y'all remembered that saving those damn things got her into Heaven, keeping her there is up to us. Oy Vay!!!! Love you guys!!!!

  3. I'm too busy watching over my shoulder - Tim told me not to publish that photo!

    Jim and I laughed about the dork thing. Jim said he looked it up: http://urbanlegends.about.com/b/2009/05/05/dork-definition.htm

  4. I found that link when I heard that too, but since it also referred to that um penis thingy I decided I would just err on the side of caution and just call myself a goof from now own.

  5. Good grief - and my daughter has called me a dork for years!!! I'd better educate her...

    Nancy in Iowa

  6. I wanted to make some sort of comment about you guys squeezing melons. But then I remembered that pumpkins are squash and not melons. So it now ceases to be funny.

  7. What a great blog idea! :)
    I love that GIF at the bottom. I'm totally one of those kids, always holding out my bag. haha.

  8. I meant to ask earlier...is that supposed to be Teenage Mutant Ninja Sperm behind you? It's just a head. Leave it to WalMart to ban "PostSecret" Books and have a photobooth with Ninja Sperm. Oy vey.

  9. They're Goldfish however your guess is funnier.


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