10-18-09 Sunday (Cold Air, Hot Water)

image Waking up to “cold” temperatures was refreshing.  Yeah, yeah, I know 55 isn’t that cold to you northerners.  Please do refrain from bashing me with, “You think 55 is cold?” and the like.  It’s been a while since I’ve breathed in some fresh crisp air.  Up to now, I haven’t missed it because I’ve forgotten about it.  It’s the difference between the cool, dry air versus the damp, hot, stifling air.   Ahhhhh.

David We did our usual workout ritual.  The gym was pretty cold which was nice while we did sweaty cardio.  The walk back to the RV with wet shirts was awfully chilly.  I think we walked fast.  OK, maybe even jogged.  It’s only 1 block away so it wasn’t a big deal.  We’re still having a hard time making good food choices.  Breakfast is easy most of the time.  Lunch is fairly good, mostly salads.  Dinner?  Damn, we make dumb, dumb, choices.  It’s like we think we’re immune to calories just because we work out and do cardio?  We’ll never get anywhere at this pace.  With our current formula, we’ll just maintain our current fat level.

image As I surfed the internet and browsed Facebook, an old friend status’d that he’d be in Fort Myers for 13 or so hours.  Brian is a flight attendant and would just be here for the evening.  We made plans, along with Carl and Tim to dine with Brian.  Jim and I picked him up at the hotel and then went to a Chinese buffet to meet Carl and Tim.  The buffet was recommended by my mom.  Sorry mom, 5 of us voted it sucked.  Oh well, we still had a good time.  After dinner, we went to a bar, and tried to chat over the music.  I must say, I found it hard to breathe (smoke) the first few minutes there.  I had to get used to it.  In Florida, bars allow smoking as long as food is not being served.

pot The temperatures had warmed up mid-day but once again started dropping as the sun went down.  The best thing in chilly weather?  Hot tub.  Jim and I were surprised to find 4 other people had the same idea.  We were all in the hot tub for about 45 minutes discussing sailing, scuba, cruises and the like.  The 2 couples are seasonal residents (snowbirds) who will be here for about 4 months. 


  1. Good to know you've survived the first big hit of winter weather down there... I won't try to scare you with our weather updates. Although we are having beautiful sunny days this week- and temps as high as 67!

  2. Garret, in life there are certain equations that will never equal success.

    Diet + Buffet = Disaster.

    Don't get mad at me... my wigs told me to tell you that.


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