10-15-09 Thursday (Flipped Her Lid)

This blog is broadcasted on to Facebook as well.  A dear friend of mine, we’ll call her Earl Aylor, commented on yesterday’s entry regarding the Yoplait yogurt tops.


While, I try to defend my insensitive blog post with the “buts” and the “should haves”, I recognize that Pearl Earl is right.  Whether it’s because cancer affected her directly or not, is it really that big a deal to work a little at something you believe in?   Cancer sucks!  Hugs to Earl.  Lesson learned; I’ll be washing some lids…

How do I follow that?  Hmmmmmm, maybe a snarky comment about a Walmart shopper?  {insert insensitive comment here}.

image Oh, Jim and I watched Wanda SykesI’ma Be Me” on HBO last night.  She liberally uses profanity which doesn’t bother us, but just a warning to you.  She was a special guest star our last cruise.  She mentioned the cruise which was especially humorous to us.  I love her.  She makes fun of everyone, including herself.  Jim and I laughed to tears several times! 

Oh!  And today was a good eatin’ day.  Breakfast sandwich, salad, grapes, a few Triscuits, yogurt, veggie burgers.  Yay!

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  1. I work hard to fight cancer, too. I support a family who lost their mom to cancer, leaving behind a very lost husband and 4 children, 2 with special needs. I donate money to cancer fighting groups. I do my own monthly breast exams and encourage others to do the same. I work to keep my family as healthy as I can.

    Yes, it's silly to "fight" over lids. But it's also easy to recognize that there are ample and better ways than just lids...


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