10-20-09 Tuesday (Alternatives)

There’s actually little to report today.  We worked out and went to Costco – our big day highlights.  Last night Jim put together a chili mixture to pop into the crockpot this morning.  We used 2 bags of veggie burger type crumbles instead of ground beef.


When we served it we topped it with some fat free shredded cheese.  It was all actually very good!  Jim uses 5 types of beans, diced frozen onion (for simplicity), diced tomatoes, mild chili seasoning, and beef or “alternative meat”. 

In other news, our friend Kevin is undergoing chemo treatments.  I was to take him to St. Pete for treatment tomorrow but he has a fever and his doctor instructed him to go to the E.R.  They are taking him via ambulance to St. Pete as a precaution.


I was supposed to have lunch with my mom today but she felt bad today.  It’s a 50/50 thing with her.  Tomorrow I’ll take her to her pain management doctor.  Maybe we’ll catch lunch beforehand. 

One day, while at work, our friend Laurie did something to her ankle with the help of a curb, pebble, lint fiber or something else equally silly minor.  This minor thing created major havoc.  After some therapy, not mentally (much to our dismay) though, she is still in pain and needs surgery to repair tendons and other vital foot parts.  She’ll be out of work for 6 weeks.   Perhaps Laurie can post the full story in comments.  Please, try not to laugh at her.  It’s not funny… much…  Oh, and watch your step.



  1. Have you noticed that everyone you come in contact with is experiencing some kind of health emergency or excruciating pain?

    Man, do I know the feeling. Which reminds me... when are you and Jim coming back to Saint Augustine? :-)

    PS: I've seen but never tried the alternative meat. Hair yes, meat - no. Is it really passable? Do you think died-in-the-wool conservative meat-loving closed-minded Larry would know if I served it to him? Any tips? Brand names?

  2. Were you in pain after I left other than missing me so much?

    The Morning Star Farms stuff is delicious. I sometimes crave their burgers OVER beef. It's all in the frozen food section. There's a lot of flavors. Try 'em and let me know.

    As far as Larry, sometimes it's better to not pass it off as substituting but rather as something different like: Beef, chicken, veggie burger, fish, pork.

    You'd be surprised at how awesome these taste!

  3. I, too, think it must be dangerous to know you guys! But I'm willing to try your veggie alternatives - that seems safe enough.


  4. Gracias.

    PS: I sent you an invitation to my new, exclusive, juicy, politically incorrect, no-holds-barred blog: CASA HICE - The Inner Sanctum.

    Do stop by.

  5. I hope your friends all come out of their helath situations ok, Garret. It's good that your friends and family have you to help them out- and cheer them up!

  6. Just de-lurking to say how much I enjy your syle of blog writing. So refreshing. You make the everyday events in your lives so entertaining to read about.

  7. @Mom L: I agree, the veggie stuff should be safe enough unless ::evil laugh::

    @Alix: I think the blog title should have been something gypsy, gypped or the like. ;-)

    @Liz: LOL. We'll see. I haven't gotten any comments from them as of yet.

    Catsy: HI! Thanks! I thought this was a boring blog post to be honest.

  8. In their defense....I fell AFTER the left, so most likely I was so absorbed in missing them that I didn't notice the 2" curb and my left foot and ankle went east and the rest of me went down. I heard a loud pop and thought it was broken. After the MRI showed one torn ligament and possible a second torn ligament and damage to two tendons the doctor told me I was going to wish it was broken. That was Nov 13 and now on Oct 26th we'll will tackle that last resort. Its a very invasive surgery and yes, I'm scared a hell. Thank God I have Pearly. I just hope she can put up with me and not leave me. Its going to be a long recovery, when go back to work in 6 weeks I'll still be in a walking boot. Probably have that til January. It's all good. This is going to make my ankle so much stronger. I want to walk on the beach, walk through my yard, walk my dogs, ride my bike, maybe even play golf, non of which I can without surgery. So the pain I'm in for is going to worth it.

    Please keep us posted on anything you hear about Kevin. He's got a very rough road ahead.

    I love you guys and maybe we can all get together this weekend before my surgery. Think about it.


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