10-24-09 Saturday (Little Piggys)

I had an interview today.  It went very well.  I like the position; I like the manager.  I’m still excited.  I’ve been “working” in my mind for the past 2 weeks!  What I mean is, I’ve been thinking of marketing ideas, suggestions and the like.  The position is mine as long as the financial compensation is agreed upon.  I’ll know for sure by Tuesday.

image Above: Yes, that’s me jumping.  It took 5 photos to catch that.  I wonder how gullible you are.  Could I really get all 200 pound of my heifer-ass into the air?

We have to be out of this park, Indian Creek, October 30th.  We’ve booked a month at their sister park, The Groves.  Jim believes he’ll be able to get an apartment, utilities, and 2 of 4 storage units moved within 2-3 days.  I think it’s unnecessary stress, but whatever.  Wish us luck!

image image While I was at my interview, Jim was in route to meet Ann & Morgan for lunch.  The Beamer overheated, and dumped coolant.  He managed to get it to a Firestone within the same plaza.  $80 later for a new clamp.  They recommended a battery.  The price?  $220 or so!  Why?  It’s for a BMW so they can… I guess.  We declined and will check it out on our own.  It’s been starting fine for us.  Once we got home we found that the parking lights were on.  I’m sure they screwed with the lights setting, even though it was daylight, made the clamp repair and then the car didn’t start too easily.  Ugh.  I picked up Jim and we continued with lunch plans.

For our evening, we went to Carl & Tim’s for a birthday celebration.  Mike of Mike, Dave & David entertained using Carl & Tim’s house.  Mike made delicious steaks!  Awesome flavor.  Laurie & Pearl joined the fiesta as well.  We had a great time talking, story telling and throwing jabs at one another.

2009-10-24 06Above: Pearl & Laurie.  One of Laurie’s feet are being operated on Monday morning!  Makes me wanna play “this little piggy”.

 2009-10-24 07Above: Mike, Tim (blocked by Mike) and Carl.

 2009-10-24 08Above: Raw steak.  Luckily they grilled it first.

 2009-10-24 09 Above: Sweet iced tea creators.  Mike, Tim, and Dave.

Unfortunately these are the only photos I took.  I apparently got a little comfortable or lazy or whatever.  The worst part?  No photos of me.


  1. I disagree. A post without Garret photos is like a breath of fresh air.

    And speaking of fresh air... those tootsies are remarkably clean! Hope the surgery goes well and the recovery is quick. Sending wishes for fast pain-free healing!


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