2-8-10 Monday (Cooking With A Dummy)

Stew As you might remember from yesterday (it was just yesterday, if you already forgot then go home) I prepared a Mexican Beef Stew.  It’s actually from my Rival Crock-Pot cookbook and is really called Campbell’s Mexican Beef & Bean Stew.   I Googled it, and found the recipe online so I can link to it without typing it over.  Modern technology.  It’s a good thing.  A lot of recipe sites categorize by the course or the meat.  The link I provided groups a little differently (see screen shot below).  I like that I can also go to an advanced search and still look around by ingredients and such. 

Drop Down

Of course that site is all about Campbell’s.  For more generic recipes, visit recipe.com and allrecipes.com.  Most recipe sites provide for printing 3X5 (and others) sized cards that you can slip into your recipe box.  Who the hell knew I could go on and on about cooking.  This all coming from me who owns and often uses Cooking For Dummies.  It’s been a really useful book for me. 


DIH - CloudsBack in 2009, we spent another day touring San Francisco.  What a truly fun city.  We did more walking tours and saw some gross things in China Town. 

*Click on the photo to go back a year.

imageI spent what seemed like hours steam cleaning the carpets.  More like fixing the damn machine I should say.  We haven’t used it in well over a year.  It’s been in storage while we’ve been gallivanting all over the country.  I was all ready to spot clean previous pet oops-sites and discovered nothing would spray.  It turned out all 3 nozzles were clogged.  I had to use tools (pliers) to remove the nozzle clamp from the hose.  I used a safety pin to jab at the nozzles.  Maddening, I assure you.


---The outcome of the stew?  A definite keeper.  Delicious.  Flavorful.  I served it on a bed of brown rice.  Yum.  We also limited ourselves to 1 serving.  Part of our problem is not just the type of food we eat but also the amount.  Jim was disappointed when I served it and remarked “this is it”.  We both wanted more but we didn’t.



  1. looks yummy!!! I have a pretty good White Chicken Chili recipe that I make from time to time.

  2. Is it a crock pot recipe? Is it spicy? Jim is a hot wimp.

  3. LOVE your new header. But if you keep these posts up, soon you'll be crossing out LIVING and replacing it with COOKING!

    I do love to swap blog recipes though and will make your delicious stew. It really looks interesting with the corn in it. Sometimes we like to serve stew over mashed potatoes ~ which makes it non-diet, but very delicious and thickens the sauce too.

    Other cooking sites you might be interested in are Epicurious.com, ROUXBE.com, and FoodTV.com.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. You put a plastic liner in your crock pot? Why... not very green.

  5. @Alix: No, soon (hopefully) it will be WORKING. Thanks for the other sites.

    @Anonymous: Yeah, they only sell them in clear. Green sounds pretty though. I'm just kidding. Hey, we recycle, but I'm not going to say it's 100%.

  6. My dinner did not look as pretty as the picture Garret posted. Trust me, my dinner around here NEVER looks that pretty.


    @Anonymous: It is greener than the soap, water, and energy used to heat the water, that would be wasted if we scrubbed the crock pot clean.

  7. Someone's on your ass about using a crock pot liner??? *eyeroll* Good answer, Garret. Check out the article about portion control that I linked to yesterday if you have a chance. I hope you're composting your used toilet paper...

  8. Thanks Norma. You got me real close to spitting out coffee with the compost comment.

    Did you realize (I did because I typed it) that your name is one letter shy of normal? :-)

  9. Yeah - I love when people make these planet-conscious comments but aren't confident enough in their opinions to do it in their own name.

    Personally, I don't use liners. I'd rather pollute the environment with detergents. {High-fiving Jim's comment}

  10. In Facebook, our friend Glenn says he uses baking soda to clean his crock pot and it's very easy. There were others who related the liner to a trash bag. :-)


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