2-27-10 Saturday (Captain Broccoli Away!)

Here’s a video blog entry for today:

The paragraphs in green are covered in the above video:

Jim and I worked out pretty hard today.  With it being Saturday, we had a lot more time to do so.  We were able to take our time and do more than usual.  We’d do lots of arm exercises, working our muscles to failure.  We’d then do core which allowed for our arms to rest.  We then went back to arms, again working them till exhaustion.   The gym was nicely empty too but with enough eye candy to make it enjoyable.  {wink}

We came home and had a small salad to hold us over until after a shower.  With showers out of the way, we enjoyed some left over lasagna I made and froze a month ago.  As I was heating my portion, I called Jodi (she called while I was in the shower).  Once I mentioned the gym and lasagna she said my gym session was for nothing.  Well, it is a lasagna I made as low fat, low calorie as possible.  Her biggest objection was the carbs.  I know it.  When we have pasta, we eat whole wheat.  You know, I just can’t find a good whole wheat lasagna.  I haven’t exactly scoured the earth in search of it but I’m not worried, we hardly eat lasagna.   It sure was yummy.

It was a lot of work to make that video.  It was fun and perhaps I’ll do another sometime. 

I made the video in between cleaning the house.  I’d go clean something, come back, work on the video, have it process my changes while I went and vacuumed or whatever.  I wanted to be sure the bathroom was nice and clean for our house guest, Jodi.  She’ll be here tomorrow evening!


Jim spent the day burying conduit for the hot tub wiring.  He’s gonna attempt the whole project himself.  Perhaps by the end of the weekend we’ll be able to fill the hot tub and use it!

DIH - Ladder A year ago today, Jim blogged!  He was having some “house battery” difficulties in San Diego.  Good thing Scott was there to help him.  Check it out!

I used all by Q-Tips cleaning today and need to excuse myself while I run out for some more.  See ya!


  1. Best of luck with the hot tub. I used to love the hot tub I had when I lived in a stix and bricks, especially on colder nights. It was so relaxing. (and sex in a hot tub was...well, I am sure I do not have to get into that)
    Ken from Tampa

  2. Captain Broccoli and not Garret The Carrot? Hmmm...

    I love how your video self says "lasagna."

    AND, that's a mighty clean toilet. At first I thought you were just barfing, and then I noticed the expertly detailed Q-Tip cleaning.

    Nice rump, but I'm getting unnecessary visuals.

    You are a riot.

  3. @RV Birds...: Thanks. We miss it. It would have been fantastic to enjoy it while it was snowing!

    @Alix: I tried so many spellings of lasagna to get it work. I was going to reduce the word usage but then thought it was funnier. You are a riot for the comment. ;-)

  4. On your way to the Academy Awards!!!

  5. Just a tip...after a weights workout, you need to eat 20-30g of high-quality (lean) protein within a half hour for the most efficient and effective muscle repair (i.e., muscle building)...5 oz of plain chicken, a whey protein shake, a boiled egg and an egg white, for example. Salad ain't what your muscles need after they've been worked hard like that.

  6. Thanks Norma. We have whey. I thinks it's time to use it.

  7. That video was funny! I can type, too, so I guess I can make one of my own.

    I love how you gayed it up, too!

  8. You are frickin hilarious! Where do you come up with this stuff!

  9. I know you work out all the time and stuff, but really, bulimia? Eating disorders are NOT chic. "Cleaning the toilet" is sooo junior high.


  11. Funny video! Captain Broccoli lol

  12. @Jason: Yeah and be sure to use lots of S's.

    @Wayne: It's amazing what the unemployed can have time to do.

    @Chef: Ewwwww.

    @Liz: Thanks.

    @Joanie: Thanks.


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