2-3-10 Wednesday (Brain Surgery)

image I’ve done job hunting research today.  I went to automotive manufacturer websites, located dealers within a reasonable travel distance and then researched them.  I ran them through the local Better Business Bureau, visited their websites, and Mapquested them.  Most of the research was to find out the owner or general manager’s names so that I can mail them a cover letter and resume.  On some, I was able to get an email address or even apply online.  I still have a lot more to do but after 4 hours of doing this so far, I needed a break.  I’ve printed (I love my double sided printing option) out all that I need for contacts so far.  The print outs serve as a place holder to make notes on it as “things happen”.

Oddly, I have no This Day In OUR History for today.  A year ago, I skipped an entry.  Perhaps I had nothing important to say but then again 99% of the time I still blog.  Wouldn’t it figure that the 3rd day of my new concept and already I have an obstacle.  Oh well.  I suppose I could make something up.  How would anyone know?  Keep it believable and it will work.  That could be a new motto or something.  “Keep it believable and it will work.”  Sure, you can use it.

This Day In OUR History - Book It’s hard to believe a year ago I was performing brain surgery while aboard the International Space Station.  Who would have known that the particular nerve I severed enabled the patient to control a blog readers actual memories? 


Does anyone, I repeat anyone know how frickin’ difficult brain surgery is while wearing a space suit?

My triceps are sore.  My shoulders and upper back are sore.  Yes, I’m afraid the only thing that helps is moving around.  Sitting at thimagee computer blogging, Facebooking and job hunting has made me feel the pain.  I just folded some laundry, cleaned the kitchen counters off, put away some miscellaneous homeless things and even got a refreshing beverage.  I even fed the cat… several hours later than normal.  I scooped the litter box.  I pretend I’m an old miner panning for treasure.  It makes the time pass.   Years ago I thought I struck it rich but turned out to be gold tinsel amongst the poop.  Darn.

I got a call back from one of the emails today.  A Nissan dealer would like me to come in and fill out an application.  Woo-hoo!


  1. What happened to the government job idea?

  2. Wow, a very funny post! I love the "this day in our history, idea"! (I am sure there was something going on this day a year ago, that you are trying to cover up!)(grin).

    Good luck on your job interviews!

    Ken from Tampa

  3. @Tim, I just forgot to mention it. I search the county, city, state and even federal government every few days. I have several cities and counties very close by so that increases the opportunities. There's not been anything of interest or that doesn't require a degree or what not.

    @Ken, Thanks. No coverups here. :-)

  4. lol! i remember when you performed the surgery in your space suit last year! jodi and i spoke to jim that day and he told us what you were doing. great accomplishment garret!

  5. Good thing you're so skilled with your hands... no space suit can stop that talent! Bwahahaha!

  6. I could totally see you at a Nissan dealership. Congratulations man. Go knock their socks off.

    That panning for gold in the litterbox thing made me snort coffee. Hilarious.

    Reminds me... I have some panning to do myself. Wish me luck.

  7. I haven't found any gold in the litter box yet, but I have found a plastic bottle cap in the toilet.

    Good luck with Nissan and any other job you apply for, but did you sign it "Erik" or "Garret"? And will you wear your space suit for interviews? Fuzzy minds want to know....

    Nancy in Iowa


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