2-10-10 Wednesday (Undercooked Overcooking)

classifieds2 I waited for two things today.  1- Where’s my damn burner2- A call from a potential, future boss.  I didn’t say much about it but it was a really good interview I had the other day.   Just as I got home after the suck-ass Nissan interview, I got a call to come in and talk to the Service Director at another franchise.   I went right over and we talked for a long time.  Things went well enough for him to want the owner to talk with me next.  The Director returned saying the owner had already left for the day.  Mr. Director was taking a long weekend so I figured I wouldn’t hear from him until day or tomorrow.  He never called today.

Jim spotted Ribeyes at Food Lion on sale for $4.99 lb.  First I went to BJ’s to price theirs and Food Lion was still a much better deal.  I picked up 6 steaks, seasoned them, and vacu-sealed them in 2 packs.  Yum.

image As for cooking today, nothing went right.  I somehow skipped a meal and ended up making Pork with Mushrooms in the crockpot.  I had turkey breast “steaks” that should have been prepared.  Their shelf date was yesterday.  It was only $5 so it wouldn’t have been a tragedy if I had to throw them out.  I started the pork meal at about 8:30am.  Later I went to BJs and when I came back from shopping, the crockpot was off.  I’m not sure what happened.  The crock was at room temperature.  I was now 4 hours behind on cooktime.  I turned it back on and set it for high.  I made the turkey which I over cooked, and let the pork cook into the evening.  I let it cooled and separated it for tomorrow’s meal and for the freezer.  The freezer hasn’t eaten in weeks.

I did check all my government (city, county, state, federal) job sites today.  Nuttin’.  

DIH - Open Arms On this day in OUR history we did some more San Francisco walking tours. 
I think the highlight of the day was spotting a man atop Sutro Heights park. 
This man is now referred to as “
Naked Tat Man”. 
He didn’t see us but we sure saw him.


  1. Your cooking misadventures are delightful. I need a crock pot. Mail me a crock pot?

  2. Food in a crock pot is SO good and tender. However, it takes so long and if something does go wrong, ie. it turns off, you could pretty much be cooking ALL day!

    We cook Oxtails in a crock pot and I LOVE IT!

  3. @chef: You don't need a crock pot.

    @Jackie: We rarely have crock potting mishaps. This would be our second time in about 5 years.

  4. My crock pot did that once- I had set it in the morning and when we got home- big old lump of thawed out, uncooked, room temp meat. Blech. Our clocks were flashing and the microwave was showing all "0000" so we knew there had either been a power flash or surge or brief outage at some point.

    I am very imporessed with your little graphics thingee for your "day in history!" Fun!

    Side note- totally mistyped history and it came out "shitory" before I corrected it.

  5. Well Liz, maybe it was a conspiracy between all the appliances in your life. :-)

    Thanks about the graphics. To make little animated things, go to photofunia/labs. Good stuff.


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